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Nuclear Weapons Sensors Could Monitor Environment, (Live Science)

CTBTO Infrasound Stations Detect Russian Meteorite Blast (Newsroom America)

Nuke Test Sensors Double as Scientific Tools, by Irene Klotz (Discovery)

Threatwatch: What the North Korean nuclear test means, by Deborah MacKenzie (New Scientist)

Estimates differ on size of N.K. blast, by Choi He-suk (Korea Herald, Yahoo)

Why did North Korea just detonate a nuclear bomb? It's more about testing politics than testing technology, by Russell Brandom (The Verge)

N-Kóreumenn sprengja enn (Icelandic Radiation Safety Authority (Geislavarnir ríkisins))

CTBTO detecta "sismo no usual" en Corea del Norte durante prueba nuclear (EFE video, MSN Latin America)

Nordkoreas provsprängning, del 3 (Interview with CTBTO Spokesperson Annika Thunborg) (SVT)

北核実験の規模、前回の2倍か (47 News)

「北朝鮮の核実験数分で把握」国連機関が常時監視 (ANN TV, Pandora TV)

Entrance of tunnel at N. Korea’s nuclear test site remain[s] intact (Yonhap News Agency)

North Korea’s nuclear test has, somehow, produced no detectable radiation, South says (National Post)

North Korea nuclear test: No radiation detected (BBC)

Lack of data shrouds nature of N. Korea nuclear test (AFP)

China detects no raised radiation from North Korea nuclear test (Reuters)

Russia reports no tremor, radiation after N Korea nuke test (Voice of Russia)

New Developments at the Tonghae Rocket Test Site (38th North)

North Korea celebrates its 3rd nuclear test with large rally in Pyongyang (AP, Washington Post)

N.K. media calls for strong economy following nuke test (Yonhap)

Seoul accumulates knowledge of nuclear technology (The Dong-A ilbo)

China's environment unaffected by DPRK nuclear test so far (Xinhua, China Daily)

Seoul pushing China to back sanctions against nuclear N. Korea: S. Korean FM (Yonhap)

Obama pledges to defend Japan with US nuclear umbrella (Voice of Russia)

South Korea And Japan Push For Tougher Sanctions on Nuclear North Korea -- Does China Agree? By Michelle Flor Cruz (International Business Times)

GOP Lawmaker Calls for North Korea to be Redesignated Terrorism Sponsor (Global Security Newswire)

Hiroshima, Nagasaki mayors, abductees’ kin decry North’s nuclear test (Kyodo, Japan Times)

Letter of Protest to the North Korean leader (Mayors for Peace)

S. Korean society roiled by debate on nuclear bomb, by Lee Joon-seung (Yonhap News Agency)

S. Korea may impose sanctions on North before Park’s inauguration (Yonhap News Agency)

North Korean Miniaturization, by David Albright (38th North)

What's Kim Jong Un's intention with the nuclear test? By Joo Sung Ha (CNN)

North Korea not a nuclear threat to U.S. yet, scientist says, by Barbara Demick (LA Times)

Obama Nuclear Arms Reduction Plan Picks Up Where Reagan and Bush Left Off, by Usha Sahay (Policy Mic)

For US, N.Korea nuclear status a red line (AFP, Channel news Asia)

Obama's 'strategic patience' on North Korea is turning into strategic neglect, by William Tobey (Foreign Policy)

North Korean nuclear test: a US policy failure, by Gennady Yevstafyev (Voice of Russia)

Wrong-Headed Condemnation of North Korea, by Philip Bowring (Asia Sentinel)

North Korea’s latest test, (Science Wonk)

Pyongyang's Nuclear Logic: Sometimes a Test is Just a Test, by Jennifer Lind, Keir A. Lieber, and Daryl G. Press (Foreign Affairs)

Viewing North Korea’s Nuclear Test through a South Asian Lens, by Pratyush (The Diplomat)

What Do We Know about the Russian Meteor? By John Matson (Scientific American)

Scientists struggle to predict meteorite strikes, by Jamie Williams (CBC-Radio Canada)

Nuclear-like in its intensity, Russian meteor blast is the largest since 1908, by Alan Boyle and Matthew DeLuca (Cosmic Log - NBC News)

NNSA: Nuclear Stockpile Reductions Don’t Necessarily Equal Cost Savings (Global Security Newswire)

Sequester Could Force Nuclear Arms Site Personnel Furloughs (Global Security Newswire)

Chernobyl roof collapse caused no safety breaches, officials say (Ukrainian Journal)

Nuclear agency talks with Iran fail again (AFP, Raw Story)

Iran not committed to IAEA demands beyond NPT: MP (IRNA)

No point to more Iran talks: Nuke agency (AAP)

Diplomat confirms Iran nuclear upgrade (AP)

Kerry: Iran Should Have No Trouble Proving Nuclear Program is Peaceful (Voice of America)

Iran’s bid to buy banned magnets stokes fears about major expansion of nuclear capacity, by Joby Warrick (Washington Post)

On the role of interfaith harmony in the peaceful resolution of disputes, by Angela Kane (UNODA)

Why the Iran threat assessment may be easing – for now, by Scott Peterson (The Christian Science Monitor)

One step forward, one step back on Iran's nuclear program, by Ariel Zirulnick (Christian Science Monitor)

Sounds of Silence, by David E. Hoffman (Foreign Policy)

The H-bomb culture, by John LaForge (The Nation)