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Editorial: 60 years after Bikini, renewing our resolve to end nuclear arms (Mainichi)

Bikini Atoll nuclear test: 60 years later and islands still unliveable (The Guardian)

Bikini Atoll islanders fearful of return home (The Japan Times)

Bikini Atoll nuclear bomb tests still cast a shadow, 60 years on (South China Morning Post)

60th anniversary of Castle BRAVO nuclear test, the worst nuclear test in U.S. history (The National Security Archive of GWU)

Revisiting Bikini Atoll (NASA Earth Observatory)

Castle Bravo: The largest U.S. nuclear explosion (East Asia News)

Castle Bravo at 60 (The Nuclear Secrecy Blog)

Marshall Islands want US to resolve unfinished nuclear legacy (Dawn)

Marshall Islands marks 60 years since US nuclear test with call for fairer compensation (Radio Australia)

Nuclear activists remember first Bikini Atoll test (Radio Australia)

60. Jahrestag des Kernwaffentests Bikini-Atoll noch immer unbewohnbar (N TV) [In German: 60th anniversary of the nuclear test at Bikini Atoll, Marshall Islands, which is still not inhabitable]

Leaving the Mothership (Arms Control Wonk)

North Korea fires two short-range missiles in 'display of frustration' at US-South drills (South China Morning Post)

North Korea fires two short-range missiles (The Telegraph)

No Iran report with new bomb research information: IAEA (Reuters)

Rouhani says Iran will not acquire nuclear weapons ‘on principle’ (The Guardian)

Rouhani says WMD's against Iranian beliefs (Aljazeera)

Ukraine Should Announce Withdrawal From Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty – Ex-FM (In Serbia)

US seeks nuclear war with Russia, China: Pundit (PressTV)

Markey Files Bill to Cut $100 Billion in Nuclear Arms Funds (Global Security Newswire)

'Significant' Alterations Seen in Updated B-61 Bomb: Report (Global Security Newswire)

The Ominous Meaning of North Korea’s Missile Launches, by Gordon G. Chang (The Daily Beast)

With Missile Tests, North Korea Makes a Statement, Not a Threat, by Emily Rauhala (Time)

The argument against new sanctions on Iran (Ploughshares Fund)

Now Is The Time’ For Middle East Nuke-Free Zone – Analysis, by Jaya Ramachandran (Eurasia Review)

The hair-raising secret history of the atomic bomb, by Mel Watkins (Rabble)

A nuclear weapons strategy that’s stuck in the past, by Rachel Maddow (Washington Post)

The U.S. Must Isolate Russia for the Sake of Nuclear Nonproliferation, by James Goldgeier (New Republic)

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