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Security Council strongly condemns DPRK nuclear test (United Nations)

Live with Lassina Zerbo, Exec. Secretary of Vienna-based CTBTO (Arirang News)

Nuclear Test Ban Treaty incomplete, 20 years on (Al Jazeera)

IAEA, CTBTO Condemn Latest Nuclear Test by North Korea (Latin American Herald Tribune)

North Korea ready for another nuclear test any time: South Korea (Reuters)

Statement by the President on North Korea's Nuclear Test (The White House)

Japan's Abe says North Korea nuclear tests 'absolutely unacceptable' (Reuters)

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North Korea says sanctions push after nuclear test 'laughable' (Reuters)

U.S. Is Already a Signatory to Test Ban Treaty (The Wall Street Journal)

After its fifth nuclear test, Japan, U.S. seek ‘strongest possible’ measures against North Korea (The Japan Times)

North Korea nuclear test: South would reduce Pyongyang 'to ashes' (BBC)

South Korea president gathers support for US missile defence after North's nuclear test (The Guardian)

Calls growing in South Korea for nuclear armament (Yonhap News)

Belgian FM Says World Will Not Give In to North Korea’s ‘Nuclear Blackmail’ (Sputnik News)

South Korea and Japan need to review ties with Pakistan following North Korea’s 5th Nuclear Test (Business Standard)

NZ condemns North Korean nuclear testing, convenes Security Council (Stuff)

North Korea’s Nuclear Tests Raises Stakes for U.S. – Japan Defense Talks (The Wall Street Journal, upon subscription)

US lawmakers warned that sanctioning Pakistan can backfire (Business Standard)

Pakistan foreign secretary proposes partnership with India on nuclear safety, security (First Post)

India’s secret nuclear program worrying, says experts (Blasting News)

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