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The Nuclear Listening Station at the End of the World (Popular Mechanics)

Two decades and waiting: why are nuclear tests still legal? (Institute for Security Studies Africa)

AP Interview: UN chief: Reducing Korea tensions key issue (The Associated Press)

UN must compel North Korea to allow on-site inspections (Financial Times, upon subscription)

Senator Rubio and Kim Jong Un Weigh in on CTBT (Arms Control Wonk)

FM Yun discusses N.K. nuclear test with Russian, Chinese counterparts (Yonhap News)

N.K. capable of building 7 bombs a year, likely to build nuclear ICBM reaching U.S. in decade: Hecker (Yonhap News)

CIA chief: Marrying up N.K. nuclear, missile programs poses threat to U.S. (Yonhap News)

North Korea’s nuclear program is targeting U.S., Japanese lawmaker says (The Washington Post)

China Says It Can't End North Korea Nuke Program on Its Own (ABC News)

Simmering US-China rivalry prompts North Korea nuclear test finger-pointing (CNBC)

N. Korean ally China told about nuclear test plan beforehand (The Asahi Shimbun)

North Korea’s nuclear weapons imminent threat: South Korea’s Park (Reuters)

(LEAD) U.S. nuclear envoy vows to work closely with S. Korea over N. Korea’s nuke test (Yonhap News)

No need to redeploy tactical nukes to South Korea, insists U.S. chief nuclear envoy (North Korea News, upon subscription)

S. Korean opposition parties oppose THAAD deployment, urge dialogue with DPRK (Global Times)

Japan braces for possibility of another North Korean nuclear test (The Japan Times)

S. Korea says Armenia poses nuke threat to entire region (Azer Newz)

2016 Open Ended Working Group: Towards 2017 Nuclear Weapon Ban Negotiations? (Arms Control Wonk)

Iran has no intention to build nuclear bombs, former Iranian nuclear negotiator says (Red Dirt Report)

How to reduce South Asia’s nuclear dangers (Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists)

Can nuclear weapons make the DPRK a strong power? (China.org.cn)

Commentary: The timing of North Korea’s latest nuclear test is smarter than it looks (Reuters)

North Korea’s nuclear test was a sales pitch to other rogue states (Quartz)

Rhetoric or Real? N. Korea Nuclear Test May Be a Bit of Both (ECN)

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Britain is ‘ill-equipped’ to defend itself from Russian attack should Putin declare war, says expert (Mail One)