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Mapping Nuclear Fallout After Fukushima, by Amy Sinatra Ayres (National Geographic blog)

Scientists With Nuclear Testing Experience Rapidly Dwindling, by Jason Koebler (US News)

NK informally notified US of 2009 nuke test plan beforehand: Bader (Korea Times)

New Study Presents Radionuclide Evidence for North Korean Nuclear Testing in 2010 (Science and Global Security)

Isotopes hint at North Korean nuclear test, by Geoff Brumfield (Nature)

Two DPRK Nuclear Tests in 2010? By Jeffrey Lewis (ArmsControlWonk)

Study Alleges DPRK N-Tests in 2010; Findings Questioned, by Daryl Kimball (ACA Project for CTBT)

British Nuclear Test Veterans Association (BNTVA) AGM Conference (Cobseo.org.uk)

Women add strong voice for nuclear non-proliferation at UN Geneva (Women’s News Network)

Nuclear envoys of the rival Koreas in New York, by Matthew Pennington (Associated Press)

U.S. cautiously optimistic after food aid deal with North Korea, by Elise Labott (CNN Opinion)

'US may have to settle for NK nuke freeze', by Kim Young-jin (The Korea Times)

World powers stress diplomacy in Iran standoff, by George Jahn (Associated Press)

Iran Is Pressed on Access for Nuclear Inspectors, by Rick Gladstone and William Broad (The New York Times)

US demands ‘actions’ from Iran in nuclear talks (AFP, Khaleej Times)

Dagan: World has time on Iranian nuke program (Jerusalem Post)

William Hague Fears 'Rapid Breakout' Of Nuclear Nations If Iran Becomes One, by Asa Bennett (Huffington Post)

Nuclear divestment: the medical case, by Tim Wright (International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War - IPPNW)

Peacemaker Redux: 2012 Nuclear Security Summit, by Young-mok Kim (Huffington Post blog)

The IAEA Outlines the Path for Iran to Come Clean, But is Tehran Ready? By Peter Crail (ACA Issue Briefs)

Iran's nuclear program: the riddle, the enigma and the mystery, by Tim Lister (CNN)

Trident is a colossal waste of money that will encourage further nuclear proliferation, by James Bloodworth (The Independent)

In Vain Have We Sanctioned, by Akbar Ganji (Boston Review)

Ending Cold War Nuclear Thinking, by Daryl Kimball (Arms Control Today)

Fukushima in review: A complex disaster, a disastrous response, by Yoichi Funabashi and Kay Kitazawa (Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists)

[PDF] New Study by the American Academy of Arts and Sciences (AAAS),The Back-End of the Nuclear Fuel Cycle: An Innovative Storage Concept, by Stephen M. Goldberg, Robert Rosner, and James P. Malone