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Japan makes voluntary contribution to CTBTO to enhance tracking of radioactivity

N. Korea deploys upgraded long-range rocket launchers: source (Yonhap news)

Iran Advances Uranium Enrichment Efforts: IAEA (Global Security Newswire)

‘Access to Parchin contingent on pact that addresses mutual concerns’ [Soltanieh] (Press TV)

Atomic Agency Says Iran Is Making Fuel at Protected Site, by David Sanger and William Broad (New York Times)

Iran uranium "discrepancy" still unresolved: IAEA, by Fredrik Dahl (Reuters)

Obama faces tense meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu on Iran policy, by Jeremy Herb and Amie Parnes (The Hill)

Barak heading to U.S. for talks on Iran nuclear threat, by Amos Harel (Haaretz)

Russia, US ‘responsible for global security’ – Putin (Voice of Russia)

India Goes Own Way on Iran’s Nuclear Program, by Pankaj Mishra (Bloomberg)

ISIS Analysis of IAEA Iran Safeguards Report, by David Albright, Paul Brannan, and Christina Walrond (ISIS Report)

Editorial: Bombing Iran - Nobody should welcome the prospect of a nuclear-armed Iran. But bombing the place is not the answer (The Economist)

Using religion to restrain Iran's nuclear program, by Nina Tannenwald (Foreign Policy)

Chinese Nuclear Modernization: Smaller and Later, by Hans Kristensen (FAS Strategic Security blog)

Britain and France as Nuclear Partners, by Matthew Harries (Survival)

It is right to mull options for arms cuts, by Paul Monroe (Politico)

US faces dilemma on nuclear treaties, by April Yee (The National)

Nuclear bluff, by Asif Ezdi (The News International)

Advocates for War Might Look Before They Leap on Iran, by Laicie Olson (Center for Arms-Control and Nonproliferation)

Proliferation and Peace: A Nuclear Weapons Free Zone in the Middle East, by Treston Wheat (World Report)