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Latin America Seeks to Spread Nuclear Free Zones, by Emilio Godoy (IPS)

Want to know the effect of a nuclear bomb on your home town? There's an app for that, by Damien Gayle (Daily Mail)

Latin American and Caribbean Nuclear-Weapons-Free-Zone Treaty Nears Half-Century (IAEA)

Obama to Consider Deep Reductions to Launch-Ready Nuclear Force (Global Security Newswire)

U.S. Prepares for Future Nuke Disarmament Talks With Russia, by Kate Brannen (Defense News)

GOP pushes back against any further cuts in nukes, by Donna Cassata (Associated Press)

Russia ready to use nuclear weapons in case of threat to its integrity (Interfax)

Iran activates 3,000 new centrifuges (Press TV)

US Downplays Iranian Nuclear Advancement Claims (The Voice of America)

Russia urges "serious" search for compromise with Iran, by Steve Gutterman (Reuters)

China’s Xi not likely to alter NK policy: experts, by Kim Young-jin (The Korea Times)

Japan Ignored Nuclear Risks, Official Says, by Hiroki Tabuchi (The New York Times)

How did we forget about mutually assured destruction? Tom de Castella (BBC)

How Iran Standoff Looks From Saudi Arabia, by Mustafa Alani (Bloomberg)

How the Iran Nuclear Standoff Looks From Russia, by Dmitri Trenin (Bloomberg)

NCBMs: Scaremongering, But With A Purpose – Analysis, by Ali Ahmed (Institute of Peace & Conflict Studies)