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Television: North Korea defends nuclear test, threatens escalation (Reuters)

Nuclear detectives sniff out North Korea, by Geoff Brumfiel (Nature)

The Boom Heard 'Round the World, by Forrest Wickman (Slate magazine)


DPRK nuclear test “a wrong step in the wrong direction”: CTBTO (UN Radio)

Neighbors prep militaries after NKorean nuke test(AP)

North Korea nuclear test branded 'serious threat' to US (BBC)

UN Weighs New North Korea Sanctions After Nuclear Test (Bloomberg)

Nach Nordkoreas Atomtest prüft UN-Behörde zunächst (dpa, die Welt)

Prueba nuclear supera potencia que test de 2009 (EFE, El Mundo)

Neighbors prep diplomacy, militaries while studying evidence from North Korea's nuclear test (Fox News)

Q&A: North Korea nuclear test (Guardian)

Nordkorea: Regierung verletzt mit unterirdischem Atomtest UN-Resolutionen (Tagesschau ARD)

Global Community Condemns North Korea Nuclear Test (Ria Novosti)

UN Security Council Condemns N. Korea Nuclear Test (Voice of America)

N. Korea informed U.S., China, Russia of nuclear test: source (Yonhap)

U.S. received notice from North Korea before nuclear test: State Department (Reuters)

North Korea Nuclear Test: Foreign Ministry Warns Of 'Second And Third Measures' (AP, Huffington Post)

Nuclear blast just the start, warns North Korea (South China Morning Post)

S. Korea beefs up integrated air and missile defense (Yonhap)

North Korea nuclear test raises uranium concerns (BBC)

New Leader Sees Gains From Test, by Choe Sang-Hun (New York Times)

N. Korea’s nuclear test raises tension, shows progress toward viable weapon, by Chico Harlan and William Wan (Washington Post)

Security Council press statement on DPRK nuclear test (UN Report)

UN Security Council Condemns North Korea Nuke Test (ABC news)

The Implications of North Korea's Third Nuclear Test, by Richard Bush III and Jonathan Pollack (The Brookings)

North Korea's Big Bang , by Jeffrey Lewis ( Foreign Policy)

What does North Korea’s latest nuclear test tell us about its atomic ambitions? By Larry Greenemeier (Scientific American)

Analysis: North Korea nuclear-test drama rehashes old script (Reuters)

North Korea Nuclear Test Analysis: Hopes For U.S. Peace Treaty, Pulling Troops From South Korea? (AP, Huffington Post)

ISIS Statement on North Korean Nuclear Test, by David Albright and Andrea Stricker (ISIS)

Nuclear Detonation: Test Shows North Korea Prefers Bomb Over Aid, by Andreas Lorenz (Spiegel Online)

After (the Most Recent North Korean) Detonation–What? By Thomas Moora (Arms Control Wonk)

Testing times (The Economist)

North Korea Is a Nuclear Power: And it’s time for the West to get used to it. By Andrei Lankov (Foreign


North Korean Blast Complicates Obama’s Nuclear-Cut Plans, by Terry Atlas (Bloomberg Business Week)

朝鲜悍然核试验 中美当反思!by Chang Ming (Caixun)

Analysts: Even China may not be able to stop N. Korea, by Oren Dowell (USA Today)

Why China still supports North Korea, in six little words, by Max Fisher (Washington Post)

North Korea crisis: China speaks softly to avoid alienating nuclear-armed neighbour, by Ed Flanagan (NBC)

China-DPRK: Different this time? by Rory Medcalf (The Interpreter)

FM: Nuclear Disarmament for South East Asia and the World (Indonesian MFA)

Forging Ahead: Challenges and Opportunities for the NPT (U.S. State Department)

Obama vows to work with Russia to reduce nuclear arsenals (AFP, The Straits Times)

Obama Renews Commitment to Reducing Nuclear Weapons Threat, by Daryl Kimball (Arms Control Now)

Conference on Disarmament unable to reach no consensus on draft programme of work (UNOG)

Pakistan Blocks Latest Work Plan at Conference on Disarmament (Global Security Newswire)

DOD Aims to Shield Nuke Operations From Budget Cuts (Global Security Newswire)

U.S. to propose further nuclear cuts in Moscow (Russia beyond the Headlines)

U.N. nuclear watchdog says it will work for Iran deal (Reuters)

IAEA delegation arrives in Iran for new round of nuclear talks (Press TV)

Iran raises prospects of allowing UN nuclear inspectors visit to suspected military site (AP, Washington Post)

Iran Is Said to Convert Enriched Uranium to Reactor Fuel (New York Times)

Unspeakable suffering: the humanitarian impact of nuclear weapons, edited by Beatrice Fihn (Reaching Critical Will)

Where do nuclear weapons go to die? By Uri Friedman (Foreign Policy)

Aiming at Global Disarmament by 2030, by Ramesh Jaura (InDepth Analysis)

Swiss Think-Tank warns of mounting challenge facing nuclear non-proliferation (KUNA)

Cold peace with India, by Nadir Mir (The Nation)

Questions and answers with Pervez Hoodbhoy (Physics Today)