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Nuclear 'Fingerprinting' Shows Just How Potent North Korean Nukes Have Become (Business Insider)

Suspicious quake gives away North Korea's third nuke (New Scientist)

UN condemns North Korea nuclear test (Al Jazeera)

北核爆発、過去2回を上回る規模…地震波を観測 [Blast bigger than the last one] (Yomiuri Shimbun)

TV: CTBTO: Blast twice as large as 2009 test (NHK)

北朝鮮の地震はM4.9、09年核実験時を上回る規模=CTBTO [Magnitude 4.9, CTBTO says nuclear test bigger than in 2009] (The Sekai Nippo)

北朝鮮:3度目核実験 放射性物質の監視強化 [Strengthening surveillance of radioactive material of third nuclear test: North Korea] (Mainichi)

FN vil straffe Nordkorea efter atomtest [UN wants to punish North Korea following nuclear test] (Ritzau/Reuters, DR)

Allies Seek Clues About North Korea’s Nuclear Blast (Bloomberg)

North Korean nuclear test draws anger, including from China, by David Chance and Jack Kim, et. al. (Reuters)

N. Korean nuclear test reveals progress in weapons program, by William Gallo (Voice of America)

BGR registriert vermutlichen dritten nordkoreanischen Kernwaffentest [BGR records assumed third nuclear test of North Korea] (BGR)

Seismisches Ereignis in Nordkorea am 12.02.2013 [Seismic event in North Korea on 12.01.2013] (ZAMG)

ESR scientists monitoring North Korean nuclear test (ESR)

North Korean nuclear test also recorded in Switzerland (Swiss Seismological Service (SED)

China monitors radiation levels after DPRK nuclear test (China.org)

North Korea warns of ‘tougher measures’ after nuclear test, by Danielle Demetriou (The Telegraph)

N. Korean media portray 3rd nuke test as leader’s achievement (Yonhap News Agency)

NKorean nuclear test may be intelligence windfall (AP, Google)

North Korea nuclear capability: intelligence officials hope test data will shed light on nation’s program, by Eric Talmadge (Huffington Post)

N. Korea threatens to acquire ICBMs to bolster self-defense (Yonhap)

Obama speaks to Japan’s Abe about North Korea’s nuclear test, by Jeff Mason (Reuters)

Displeased China calls in North Korean ambassador over nuclear test, by Cherrie Lou Billones (Japan Daily Press)

Britain summons North Korea ambassador over nuclear test (The Telegraph)

Carr stops North Korean visit to Canberra (AAP, The Australian)

Japan defense chief: could have pre-emptive strike ability in future (Reuters)

China and Japan to hold talks over North Korean nuclear test (South China Morning Post)

Parties condemn North Korea's nuclear test / Opposition, ruling camps decry 'intolerable' provocation, demand govt apply additional sanctions (The Yomiuri Shimbun)

North Korea test forces Park to amend engagement, by Sangwon Yoo (Bloomberg)

Kerry links NK nuke issue with Iran problem, by Lee Chi-dong (Yonhap News Agency)

North Korea’s lesson: nukes for sale, by Graham T. Allison Jr. (New York Times)

China media: North Korea backlash (BBC)

With latest nuclear test, Kim Jong Eun signals a familiar, familial policy, by Chico Harlan (Washington Post)

North Korea chooses guns over Google, by Matt Stumpf (The Atlantic)

What do North Koreans think of nuclear tests? By Samuel Burke (Amanpour- CNN)

Experts say North Korea testing nuclear missile, by Matthew Schofield and Jonathan S. Landay (McClatchy, Post Gazette)

Hit Kim Jong Eun where it hurts: His wallet, by Sung-Yoon Lee and Joshua Stanton (Washington Post)

A Secretive Country Gives Experts Few Clues to Judge Its Nuclear Program, by William Broad (New York Times)

Is there anything left to sanction in North Korea? By Colum Lynch (Foreign Policy)

Gauging the Nuclear Threat: 'We Can Greatly Diminish the Risk' - Interview with Sam Nunn (Spiegel Online)

Russia and the US: Obama tries again on nuclear weapons, by James Blitz (Financial Times)

Video: Obama revives nuclear drive, on Iran and Russia (AFP, Christian Science Monitor)

U.S. Becoming More Flexible on Missile Defense (Moscow Times)

Pentagon Conducts Missile Intercept Test (Global Security Newswire)

Nuclear Watchdog Says No Deal Reached With Iran (New York Times)

Iran: Agreement Reached with Atomic Inspectors on 'Some Points' (Voice of America)

Nuclear Inspectors in Iran Seek Access to Nuclear Sites (Bloomberg)

Iran installs new nuclear equipment at Natanz: atomic chief (Channel News Asia)

The Challenge of Securing Russian Cooperation in Achieving Further Nuclear Reductions (The RAND Corporation)

Russian foreign minister won’t return Kerry’s call, by Josh Rogin (Foreign Policy)

How the US should handle Iran, by Nicholas Burns (Boston Globe)

Non-Strategic Nuclear Weapons Discussed in Warsaw (FAS Strategic Security Blog)

Nuclear weapons: can they be made strategically obsolete? – analysis, by Debak Das (Eurasia Review)

The Long Reach of Aegis: One Step at a Time (Second Line of Defense)