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U.N. agency adjusts magnitude of N. Korean quake after nuke test (Yonhap)

North Korea’s third nuclear test: plutonium or highly enriched uranium? By Hui Zhang (Belfer Center - Harvard)

Russian meteor largest in a century, by Geoff Brumfiel (Nature)

Russian Meteor Blast 'Heard' Around the World, by Becky Oskin (Live Science)

Exclusive: North Korea tells China of preparations for fresh nuclear test – source, by Benjamin Kang Lim (Reuters)

N. Korea tested long-range missile engine before nuke blast: sources (Yonhap)

Increased activity at Musudan-ri indicates N. Korea preparing for another rocket launch (Yonhap)

Nuclear Test Sparks Radiation Fears, by Liyan Qi (Wall Street Journal)

North Korea Celebrates Kim’s Birthday After Nuclear Test, by Sangwon Yoon & Eunkyung Seo (Bloomberg)

NK nuclear test raises concerns near border, by Guo Kai and Chang Meng (Global Times)

Congress slams North Korea test, seeks more sanctions, by Matthew Pennington (AP, Huffington Post)

U.S. House passes Resolution condemning DPRK for nuclear test (Xinhua)

North Korea nuclear test invites further European sanctions, by David Trifunov (Global Post)

UN Security Council set to debate how to punish North Korea (AFP, Sydney Daily Telegraph)

N. Korea vilifies Lee for suggesting regime change (Yonhap)

Making Yield Estimates, by Jeffrey Lewis (Arms Control Wonk)

DPRK to conduct further nuclear tests? Chinese diplomats write-off their Spring Festival, by Tom Bannister (The Shanghaiist)

N. Korea nuclear test: Will it spoil Obama's disarmament plans? By Howard LaFranchi (Christian Science Monitor)

Uproar at NK’s nuclear test, by Eric Margolis (The Nation)

Possible consequence of North Korean nuclear test, by Yekaterina Kudashkina (Voice of Russia)

Getting it wrong on North Korea and nuclear reductions, by Steven Pifer and Jonathan Pollack (Brookings Institute)

North Korea’s new game latest nuclear test shows it’s gearing up to play offense, by Duyeon Kim (McClathy Tribune)

Does North Korea need nuclear weapons? By Stephen Gowans (Global Research)

Toss out old North Korea playbook for long-term solution (AFP-Jiji Press, Japan Times)

Is there a Pakistani imprint on North Korean nukes? By Amir Mir (The News International)

Analysis: North Korea's nuclear ambitions can only be stopped by China, by John Everard (The Telegraph)

China would never drive N. Korea to the wall, by Bonji Ohara (The Asahi Shimbun)

China’s North Korea dilemma grows worse: experts (AFP, The West)

Some Chinese are souring on being North Korea’s best friend, by Jane Perlez (The New York Times)

China needs to adhere to NK policy (Global Times)

What Do We Know about the Russian Meteor? By John Matson (Scientific American)

Meteorite Fireball Slams Into Russia, 1,000 Hurt (RIA Novosti)

As asteroid whizzes by, surprise meteor makes an impact over Russia, by Brian Vastag, Will Englund, Joel Achenbach (Washington Post)

Scientists struggle to predict meteorite strikes, by Jamie Williams (CBC-Radio Canada)

Nuclear-like in its intensity, Russian meteor blast is the largest since 1908, by Alan Boyle and Matthew DeLuca (Cosmic Log - NBC News)

Time to ban nuke testing, by Jake Garn and Thomas Graham, Jr. (The Salt Lake Tribune)

Hopes winning documentary will highlight Pacific nuclear testing to European audience (Radio New Zealand International)

Commemoration of the 46th Anniversary of the Treaty of Tlatelolco (Foreign Ministry of Mexico)

Progress Made on Nunn-Lugar Replacement, Foreign Ministry Says (Moscow Times)

Egypt Stresses Necessity of NPT Internationalization (All Africa)

Soviet Officer Awarded Prize for Preventing Nuclear War (RIA Novosti)

Costa Rica University Promotes Ban on Nuclear Weapons (Q Costa Rica)

Iran could use U.N. talks as cover to build bomb, Ban Ki-moon says, by Anne Gearan (Washington Post)

Ayatollah Says Iran Will Control Nuclear Aims (New York Times)

Iran's Ayatollah Khamenei denies wanting to develop nuclear weapons (Guardian)

Iran's Fordow enrichment plant will never close: MP (Global Post)

Ending the Nuclear Weapons Age, by Aaron Gray-Block (Huffington Post)

The Banality of Unilateral Nuclear Cuts, by Kingston Reif (Time)

A way forward on nuclear disarmament, by Sven-Eric Fikenscher (Boston Globe)

Iran’s Nuclear-Technology Gains Suggest Sanctions Are Backfiring, by Jonathan Tirone (Bloomberg)

A Nuclear Free World Or A World Riddled With Nuclear Terrorism – Analysis, by Keshav Prasad Bhattarai (Eurasia Review)

Nuclear non-proliferation: a far cry! By Khalid Iqbal (The Nation)

KLF: Nukes could blot out South Asia cities, says Pervez Hoodbhoy (The Express Tribune)

Managing India’s Missile Aspirations – Analysis, by Frank O’Donnell (Eurasia review)