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Council conclusions on the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) (Council of the European Union)

European Union slaps more sanctions on North Korea (AP)

Nuke test celebratory mood spreading in N. Korea (Yonhap)

China denies receiving North Korea nuke test plans, by Hao Zhou (Global Times)

South Korea and US Keeping Close Watch on North's Nuclear Test Sites (International Business Times)

Chinese Protests Against NK Nuclear Bomb Testing (New Tang Dynasty Television)

Chinese Public May Hold Key to Change N.Korea (The Chosun-ilbo)

Chinese Paper Blames U.S. for N. Korea Nuclear Crisis (AFP, Defense news)

Departing South Korean president warns of isolation for North Korea over recent nuclear test (AP, Washington Post)

Seoul calls on Pyongyang to live up to promise to denuclearize Korean Peninsula (Yonhap)

All eyes on China for tougher sanctions against nuclear N. Korea (Yonhap)

For Netanyahu, N. Korea nuclear test offers lesson on Iran (Reuters India)

Lee, in final week, reveals North Korea’s 2009 summit feeler, by Evan Ramstad (Wall Street Journal)

Lavrov, Kerry discussed North Korean nuclear test (Interfax, Russia beyond the Headlines)

North Korea seeking membership in nuclear club - expert, by Robert Bridge (Russia Today)

Nukes key to North Korea's survival quest: Only the US can threaten Pyongyang with crushing nuclear retaliation. But how long can this last? By Hugh White (The Age)

North Korea's nuclear test: North Korea faces additional isolation due to its nuclear testing and questionable moves it by leadership , by James Zumwalt (UPI)

Accept reality of Asian nuclear era, by Muthiah Alagappa (New Straits Times)

Why Putin Emulates North Korea, by Alexander Golts (Moscow Times)

How to deal with North Korea (CNN)

The terrible price of Pyongyang's nuclear hunger (South China Morning Post)

TV Coverage: Richardson: North Korea is picking weapons development over economic development (NBC)

China alone cannot untie NK nuclear knot (Global Times)

China’s New Leader Needs Grip on Wacko Next Door, by William Pesek (Bloomberg)

Kim Jong-un’s only ally should draw the line (The Register- Guard)

Russian Meteor Fallout: Military Satellite Data Should Be Shared (Space)

Russian Meteor Blast's 'Infrasound' Detected Over Vast Distances (Huffington Post)

Nuclear Test Ban Treaty: A Boon for Science? By Andrew Moseman (Popular Mechanics)

Russia, NATO: dialogue saddled with problems (The Voice of Russia)

Rifts over missile defense may seriously impact Russia-NATO relations – Grushko (Interfax)

No breakthroughs on nuclear arms reduction (Russia beyond the Headlines)

Filibuster or not? GOP slow-walks Hagel nomination (AP, Huffington Post)

Iran says upcoming nuclear talks are an ‘opportunity’ for West to roll back tensions (AP, Washington Post)

Iran urges full 'rights' recognition ahead of nuclear talks (AFP, Ahram)

Iran rejects UN chief’s “biased” nuclear views (Press TV)

Israeli Officials Consider ‘Point of No Return’ With Iran (Al Monitor)

Are lasers, nuclear bombs the answers to preventing more meteorite strikes? By Timothy Heritage, Gabriela Baczynska and Michael Shields (Globe and Mail)

Obama returns to arms control -- just in time (Baltimore Sun)

Rapid nuclear proliferation simply doesn’t happen, by Peter Jones (Globe and Mail)