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CTBT: What's New and What's Next? (Carnegie Dowment)

Hydrogen Bomb Physicist’s Book Runs Afoul of Energy Department, by William Broad (NY Times)

Bikini Islanders Demand Move to the U.S. Due to Nuclear Testing (Guardian Liberty Voice)

UK Atomic Weapons Establishment Awards SGI Contract to Support Research With New SGI(R) ICE(TM) XA Systems (Market Watch)

U.S. urges N.K. to abandon nuclear weapons after N.K. ambassador threatens nuclear strike (Yonhap News)

North Korea to Obama: Return Nobel Peace Prize (UPI)

Inter-Korean Sunshine Policy Fading at Contentious Kaesong (Voice of America)

Proposed Deal with Iran Not Legal; Iranian Nukes in South America (Right side News)

US House lawmakers: Iran deal must halt nuclear program for 'decades' (Press TV)

US can prevent Iran developing nuclear bomb: CIA director John Brennan (Raw Story)

Saudi FM echoes Israeli, French concerns over Iran nuclear talks (The Jerusalem Post)

Iran Nuclear Deal tests US Israel ties (NTI Central)

Iran should not get undeserved nuclear deal: Saud (Saudi Gazette)

Obama furious Israel found out Iran nuke deal secrets and told Congress (Legal Insurrection)

US and Vietnam: From Foes to Friends (The Diplomat)

US says ready to continue dialogue with Russia on INF treaty (Kaz Inform)

Pentagon Admits Israel Has the Bomb (Middle East Online)

Israel denies report it spied on US in Iran nuclear talks (CNN)

Hiroshima survivor in Israel visit: Nuclear weapons should not exist (YNet News)

Shaheen-3 missile to cover Indian second strike from Andaman: Lt General Khalid Kidwai (Indian Express)

'Pakistan needs short-range "tactical" nuclear weapons to deter India' (The Tribune)

Pakistan flexes military might on national day (Press TV)

Lugar still pursues nonproliferation, despite setback (Indy Star)

Council looks at life after nuclear explosion (The Shorthorn)

Die verdrängte Atomgefahr (Die Presse)

“Das ist eine Schwarzzone” (Die Presse)

North Korea’s March to Nuclear Relevance, by Zach Przystup (The Diplomat)

[Column] Iran, North Korea, and the Congress that Says No (The Hankyoreh)

Netanyahu’s politics of fear has worked, by Musa Al-Gharbi (Al Jazeera America)

The Middle East Nuclear Race Is Already Under Way, by Karl Vick (Time Magazine)

Democrats’ Israel Test, by Jennifer Rubin (The Washington Post)

Why President Obama is so keen on having a nuclear deal with Iran?, by Amit Srivastav (The Northlines)

Reassuring America's Gulf Arab Allies, by Bilal Y. Saab and Barry Pavel (National Interest)

How cyberattacks can be overlooked in America's most critical sectors, by Paul F. Roberts (The Christian Science Monitor)

Deterrence, not Global Zero, needed for nuclear proliferation, by Greg R.Lawson (The Hill)

Europe Eager to Arm Islamist Extremists with Nuclear Weapons, by Peter Martino (Gatestone Institute)


Lawmakers look to cut $100 billion from nuclear weapons budget, by Martin Matishak (The Hill)

Avoiding the unthinkable, by Rizwan Asghar (The News)

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