CTBT in the News

CTBT in the News

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The case for the CTBT: Stronger than ever, by Kingston Reif (Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists)

U.S. Renews Debate Over Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty, by Kate Brannen (Defense News)

North Korea's Latest Threat, by James Acton (Carnegie Endowment)

UNESCO & CTBTO: Working together to issue timely alerts (UNESCO)

Forging a Consensus on a Sustainable U.S. Nuclear Posture, by Trisha Beck (Deseret News)

Fallout of empire: A new photo exhibit pays tribute to the nuclear age’s forgotten victims, by Abbie Gripman (Flagstaff Live)

US warns North Korea over suspected nuclear test plan (Deutsche Welle)

Clinton: 'Additional Provocations' May Follow N. Korea Missile Launch , by Scott Stearns (Voice of America)

China urges 'restraint' over N.Korea rocket launch (AFP, Asia One)

Israel holds secret talks on involvement in Mideast nuclear disarmament conference, by Amir Oren (Haaretz)

Pakistan rapidly developing its nuclear arsenal: Report (The Hindu)

US wants 'concrete steps' from Iran over nuclear program (AFP)

Iran vows to defend 'rights' ahead of nuclear talks (AFP)

Iran can stand 2-3 year oil blockade: Ahmadinejad (Reuters)

Iran Agrees to Location for Nuclear Talks (Global Security Newswire)

China calls for flexibility in Iran nuclear talks (The Guardian)

Assuring destruction forever: nuclear weapon modernization around the world (Rearching Critical Will)

9 Polls on U.S. and Israeli Opinions on Iran (United States Institute of Peace)

WaPo/ABC Poll: U.S. Public Opposes Military Action Against Iran; Supports Diplomacy And Sanctions, by Eli Clifton (Think Progress)

China's test is to stop North Korea going ballistic, by Carl Ungerer (The Australian)

Disarmament work could be wasted, by Mary Wareham and Angela Woodward (The Dominion Post)

Abstract: French nuclear idiosyncrasy: how it affects French nuclear policies towards the United Arab Emirates and Iran, by Benoît Pelopidas (Cambridge Review of International Affairs)

BOOK REVIEW: Nuclear issues in an Asian century, by R.K. Radhakrishnan (The Hindu)