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CTBT in the News

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International workshop “Capacity building for CTBT verification” held on May 8 in Astana city (National Nuclear Center of the Republic of Kazakhstan)

معهد الابحاث يستضيف محطة للغازات النبيلة , الكاتب هاني شاكر (جريدة الرأي)

North Korean Nuclear Rhetoric and Operational Capability, by Scott Bruce (Sino-NK blog)

China trying to leverage influence on NK, by Kim Young-jin (The Korea Times)

Yaum-e-Takbeer today (The Nation)

Yum-e-Takbeer: The resolve continues! (The Pakistan Observer)

Nukes silenced India, made defence impregnable (The Nation)

PML-N leaders remember the day when Pakistan went nuclear (The Express Tribune)

NKorea says severe drought threatens crops, but US help unlikely following April rocket launch (AP, The Washington Post)

Lee Urges N.Korea Supporters to Come to Their Senses (The Chosun Ilbo)

Vietnam backs the building of nuclear weapon free Southeast Asia (Talk Vietnam)

UAE participates in WMD-Free zone in the Middle East conference (WAMK Emirates News Agency)

U.N. inspectors find high-grade uranium traces in Iran, by Fredrik Dahl (Reuters)

Iran, 5+1 to meet again in Moscow to ‘expand common ground’ (Tehran Times)

After Talks Falter, Iran Says It Won’t Halt Uranium Work, by Thomas Erdbrink (New York Times)

Pentagon has military plans ready to prevent nuclear Iran, says Panetta, by Carlo Munoz (The Hill)

Iran, world powers likely to seek compromise (Deutsche Welle)

Splitting atoms: Can your nukes save you? By Zarrar Khuhro (The Express Tribune blog)

Nuclear Weapons and their Consequences: The Relevance of International Humanitarian Law, by Noel Stott (ISS)

Disarmament and the Universal Periodic Review (Reaching Critical Will)

Russia rattles its dusty nuclear sabers, by Dale McFeatters (The Korea Times)

Why Talks with Iran Haven’t Worked, by Jamsheed Choksy (The Diplomat)

Iranian HEU Traces: Don’t Panic, by Joshua Polack (Arms Control Wonk)

Israel’s Nukes, Once Defensive, Now Guarantee Conflict – OpEd, by Richard Silverstein (Eurasia Review)

Disarm Israel for Mideast to become nuke free zone, Andrew Murray (Press TV)

Emerging consensus in ROK (The Korea Times)

A South Asian reality, by Shamshad Ahmad, former MFA of Pakistan (The News International)

Nuclear weapons and national security, by Adil Sultan (The Express Tribune)

Conceptual Challenges of Nuclear Deterrence, by Christopher Ford (Boulevard Exterieur)

Policy in the nuclear age, By Fred Hill (Bangor Daily News)

Book Release Announcement: Global Nuclear Disarmament: Geopolitical Necessities (Delhi Policy Group) Book Editor: Lt Gen VR Raghavan