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Operational impact of the Fukushima nuclear event on Radionuclide monitoring of United States IMS stations (2011 Monitoring Research Review)

Magnitude 4 earthquake recorded off coast of Mayo, (RTE News)

Achieving an International Environment to Enable a Reduced Role for Nuclear Weapons, by Abe Nobuyasu (Nautilus Institute)

UW's Chen to Use Supercomputer to Model Seismic Events to Improve Warning System (University of Wyoming)

U.S. remains open for talks with N. Korea: Jim Zumwalt (Korea Herald)

S. Korea leader urges North to learn from Myanmar (Asia Pacific News)

Security on Korean Peninsula worsens sharply in Q2: think tank (Yonhap)

Panetta calls for deep US-India defence ties (Reuters)

India rebuffs Panetta, says it will continue to set its own course, by David Cloud And Mark Magnier (Daily News)

U.S. says Syria cynically stonewalls U.N. nuclear probe (Reuters)

Iran raises doubt on P5+1 will to hold fruitful talks (Press TV)

Iran Threatens Delays in Nuclear Talks (New York Times)

Israel accuses Iran of nuclear deception ‘strategy’ to work covertly on weapons (Al-Arabiya)

China, Russia Call for Peaceful Resolution of Iran Nuclear Issue (CRI News)

China's Wen Jiabao Meets Iranian Ahmadinejad on the Side (NTD TV)

China opposes nuclear weapons in Middle East, pledges cooperation with Iran (Xinhua)

You Say Defense, We See Threat, by Nikolai Korchunov (New York Times)

How North Korea plays us in an election year, by Mike Green (Foreign Policy)

Nuclear Iran: The Baghdad-Moscow Round of the Political Game, by Amir Madani (The Huffington Post)

In Nuclear Talks, Iran Plays the Victim Card, by Emanuele Ottolenghi (Commentary)

New Report Finds an Israeli Attack on Iran to be a Comprehensively Bad Idea, by Jeffrey Goldberg (The Atlantic)

“Possession of Nukes, could lead to nuclear holocaust”, Interview with VP of Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, Walter Wolfgang (Press TV)

Recap - Generation Prague 2012, by David Slungaard (Center for Strategic and International Studies)

Join NZ Red Cross and make nuclear weapons the target (Voxy)