61 stations registered the event

CTBTO Condemns DPRK Announced Nuclear Test


CTBTO Chairman, Ambassador Peter Shannon of Australia, expressed his "serious concern" at the claimed nuclear test by the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK). CTBTO Executive Secretary, Ambassador Tibor Tóth, termed it "a serious violation of the norm established by the CTBT [that] as such deserves universal condemnation." Gathering a day after the purported test, CTBTO Member States conveyed an equally clear message of condemnation and stated that the DPRK’s action underscored the importance of the CTBT’s early entry into force.

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Shannon / Tóth / Member States (chair summary)

CTBTO Findings on the DPRK Event


Our seismic stations registered an event measuring 4.52 on the Richter scale at essentially the same location as the 2006 nuclear test (measuring 4.1 on the Richter scale). The seismic data seem to be more complex than from typical explosions, with signals containing distinct characteristics of an explosion while also featuring earthquake-like traits. If and when radioactive noble gases are detected by one of the CTBTO's monitoring stations, the nuclear character of the event could be established.

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Obama Treaty Push Hinges on Global 'Listening'

(Associated Press)

Charles Hanley discusses the importance of the CTBT in today's global security environment. Based on interviews conducted with CTBTO Executive Secretary Tibor Tóth and senior CTBTO staff, Hanley provides a detailed analysis of reasons in favour of ratification of the CTBT by the U.S. Senate (image) and how these arguments are underscored by the recent DPRK announced nuclear test.

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NK test, US treaty OK could set off chain reaction

The Test Ban Treaty

(New York Times)

The NYT's editorial makes a pitch for CTBT ratification by the U.S. Senate: "A formal ban on testing would make it harder for nuclear-armed states to build new weapons, and place another hurdle in the way of any country — Iran comes immediately to mind — thinking of starting an arsenal. North Korea’s announcement that it had tested a nuclear device on Monday is a stark reminder of the many dangers out there."

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DPRK Nuclear Test "Challenges Efforts Toward Global Nuclear Disarmament"

(The Examiner)

"The Examiner" examines the effects of the DPRK’s announced nuclear test on the international non-proliferation regime. Dr. Patricia Lewis from the Monterey Institute of International Studies gives her view on how the DPRK's test could influence prospects of entry into force of the CTBT: "The stigma of nuclear testing should be reinforced by the fact that only a country like DPRK is doing this kind of thing these days.”

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George Schultz (left) and Sam Nunn

Case for ratifying Nuclear Test Ban Treaty


According Samuel Berger, Sam Nunn and William Perry, the arguments for CTBT ratification by the U.S. now weigh stronger than before after last week's DPRK announced nuclear test. But they warn of rushing the ratification process, a careful and methodical approach being necessary that "allows individual Senators to approach the issue of CTBT ratification with an open mind, and to reassess the pros and cons in light of developments over the past decade, such as progress in maintaining our nuclear deterrent through science-based stockpile stewardship and the ongoing deployment of new monitoring stations to detect any cheating."

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North Korea's Nuclear Detonation Is Driving the Push for Global Test Ban Treaty

(CNS News)

CNS news analyzes how the recent developments such as the build-up of the CTBT's verification regime (image) and last week's announced nuclear test by the DPRK have had a positive influence on prospects for the Treaty's ratification by the U.S. The article also examines how ratifications by some of the remaining nine States that still have to ratify the CTBT for it to enter into force might influence others.

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Expert: North’s Test Not a Surprise, More to Come

(JongAng Daily)

Siegfried Hecker, former director of Los Alamos National Laboratory, has visited North Korea’s Yongbyon nuclear facilities six times since 2005.  Through his unique perspective, the author provides an analysis on events in North Korea and a forecast of the future. According to Hecker, North Korea may conduct additional nuclear tests, for which it has sufficient amounts of plutonium.

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North Korean Nuclear Test Highlights "Global Alarm System"

(Talking Points Memo)

This article highlights that the CTBTO had already detected the announced DPRK nuclear test before it was officially announced: "If brought into force, the Comprehensive Test Ban would require on-site inspections of suspected violations and would ensure an effective and verifiable monitoring system to detect nuclear tests, including even underground devices many times smaller than the bombs dropped on Hiroshima (image) and Nagasaki in World War Two."

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