CTBT20 - Special Edition:
June 2016

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On 13-14 June 2016, over a hundred and twenty delegations including States Signatories, non-Signatory States and Observers, heads of International Organizations, and members of civil society met in Vienna, Austria, to discuss, review and reinvigorate the discussions over the entry into force of the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty (CTBT). Marking the 20th anniversary year of the Treaty, Ministers and other high-level participants renewed their commitment towards a legally binding global ban on nuclear testing.

Nuclear tests not only poison the environment, they also poison the political climate. They breed mistrust, isolation and fear. Let’s meet again, sometime in the not too distant future, to finally celebrate the first of many happy anniversaries of the Treaty’s entry into force.Lassina Zerbo, CTBTO Executive Secretary

To coincide with the Ministerial Meeting, a publication was launched, providing a historical overview of the history of the Treaty, the Organization, and nuclear testing and non-proliferation in general. The publication relates the genesis of the Treaty since the creation of the Conference on Disarmament of 1979, as well as the challenges and achievements toward the entry into force that have taken place over the last twenty years. It details also the positive impact that the International Monitoring System (IMS) has had on the environment in terms of tsunami detection, monitoring climate change and meteor phenomena, and in mitigating disasters, such as the Fukushima Nuclear Accident of 2011.

The CTBT at 20: Let's finish what we started
Foreword by Lassina Zerbo, Executive Secretary of the CTBTO
4 [PDF]
Banning the bang
Creating the CTBT
6 [PDF]
The role of the Treaty in international peace and security
8 [PDF]
International Support of the Treaty 10 [PDF]
People Power
Civil society support for the Treaty
12 [PDF]
A history of verification
The International Monitoring System
14 [PDF]
Achievements and challenges
20 years of the CTBT
16 [PDF]
Meeting the data demand
The International Data Centre
24 [PDF]
Hunting down a fresh nuclear explosion
The CTBTO's on-site inspections
26 [PDF]
Helping to mitigate disasters 28 [PDF]
CTBTO and the environment 30 [PDF]
Where we go from here
32 [PDF]