IMS World Map

Depicts the 337 facilities of the CTBT International Monitoring System showing the current locations of its International Monitoring System (IMS) facilities (August 2021).

Verification Regime Brochure

The CTBT Verification Regime:
Monitoring the Earth for nuclear explosions



Africa Brochure 2018

Outlines the role played by African States and their contribution to the worldwide efforts towards nuclear non-proliferation and disarmement.


Presents the status of ASEAN countries and their commitement to the Treaty for it to enter into force.

Civil and Scientific Applications Brochure

Provides an outline of potential contributions of the technologies to sustainable development, knowledge expansion and human welfare.

LAC Brochure

Outlines the role played by Latin American States and their contribution towards nuclear non-proliferation and disarmament.

On-site inspections Brochure

On-site inspections
the ultimate verification measure

Integrated Field Exercise 2008 Brochure

CTBTO test its on-site inspection regime in Kazakhstan

Background Information for Parliamentarians on the CTBT

Prohibiting and Preventing Nuclear Explosions: Guide to the Comprehensive
Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty (CTBT) for Parliamentarians