Issue 2: July 2003

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This issue of CTBTO Spectrum looks at the ‘mechanisms’ of Conferences on Facilitating the Entry into Force of the CTBT, focusing in particular on the upcoming Conference, which will take place in Vienna from 3 to 5 September this year. An interview with Ambassador Tom Grönberg, who is chairing the preparatory process of the 2003 Conference, and a special feature article by the former United Nations Under-Secretary General Jayantha Dhanapala, concentrate on this theme. This issue also provides an overview of the Commission's work over the past six months, including an update on the latest session of the Preparatory Commission. In addition, the cover story by David McCormack, a Canadian seismologist, gives an example of the potential benefits of civil and scientific applications of the CTBT verification technologies.

Using seismic data in air crash investigations
by Dr David McCormack
1 [PDF]
Editorial 2 [PDF]
Notes and Quotes
3 [PDF]
Commission update 4 [PDF]
Status of signature and ratification 5 [PDF]
Secretariat snapshots 6 [PDF]
Outreach activities 7 [PDF]
Tom Grönberg,
Ambassador of Finland
8 [PDF]
The Twin Pillars of the CTBT
by Jayantha Dhanapala, former United Nations Under-Secretary-General
10 [PDF]
Verification highlights 12 [PDF]
Atmospheric transport modelling activities 14 [PDF]
Potential civil and scientific applications 15 [PDF]
PTS publications and calendar of meetings 16 [PDF]