Issue 13: September 2009

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Reflecting the renewed political prominence of the CTBT, this issue of Spectrum has an abundance of political and scientific contributions from prominent authors. No less than four foreign ministers explain why the CTBT is important to their countries: French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner and his Moroccan counterpart, Taieb Fassi Fihri, who will be jointly presiding over the Article XIV conference; Alberto Romulo, Foreign Minister of the Philippines and Carl Bildt, Foreign Minister of Sweden, the country currently holding the Presidency of the European Union. With regard to the articles by political analysts, Chinese academic and nuclear arms control expert, Shen Dingli, explains why the CTBT should be ratified by China. James Goodby, former U.S. diplomat and specialist on nuclear non-proliferation and security issues, places the CTBT into the wider context of nuclear non-proliferation.

On the more scientific side, physicist and verification expert David Hafemeister presents a detailed analysis on the CTBT’s verifiability. Sidney Drell, physicist and longtime adviser to the U.S. government and the nuclear weapons laboratories, reflects on the Stockpile Stewardship Program, an important factor for the U.S. discussions on CTBT ratification. The North-West Pacific Tsunami Information Center in Japan explains how it profits from International Monitoring System (IMS) data for tsunami warning purposes. And finally, our own experts provide insights into the CTBTO’s findings on the May 25 North Korean nuclear test.

Editorial 2 [PDF]
Treaty signatures and ratifications (as of 1 September 2009) 4 [PDF]
High-level action needed to promote CTBT’s entry into force
Interview with Carl Bildt, the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Sweden
5 [PDF]
It is time for the CTBT to come into force
by Bernard Kouchner, the Minister of Foreign and European Affairs of France
10 [PDF]
The CTBT: Its crucial and overdue entry into force
by Taib Fassi Fihri, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Morocco
12 [PDF]
In Pursuit of a Nuclear-Weapon-Free World
by Alberto G. Romulo, the Secretary of Foreign Affairs of the Philippines
14 [PDF]
Making the CTBT Effective
by Shen Dingli, Fudan University
16 [PDF]
The CTBT: More Central than Ever to International Security
by James Goodby, Stanford University
18 [PDF]
The U.S. Nuclear Stockpile and Ratification of the CTBT
by Sidney Drell, Stanford University
20 [PDF]
CTBT Evasion Scenarios: Possible or Probable?
by David Hafemeister, Stanford University
22 [PDF]
The announced nuclear test in the DPRK on 25 May 2009
by Robert G. Pearce, Andreas Becker, Tim Hampton and Matthias Zähringer
26 [PDF]
The Utilization of International Monitoring System Seismic Data by the Northwest Pacific Tsunami Advisory Center
by Yohei Hasegawa, Japan Meteorological Agency
30 [PDF]