Professional Posts

Professional Posts

Posts in the Professional category demand a high level of analytical and communication skills, substantive expertise and managerial leadership ability. Professional staff members require an understanding of an organized body of theoretical knowledge at a level equivalent to that represented by a first level university degree. Within the Professional category, the Director category represents the highest level of the career staff structure.

Fixed-term appointments for Professional Posts have a normal duration of three years subject to a probationary period of six months. Fixed-term staff members may be granted two reappointments, normally of two years each, to a seven year maximum service. 

CTBTO offers an attractive remuneration package including a tax-free annual net base salary (The net base salary scale is the same as the one used by the United Nations Common System), post adjustment, 30 days of annual leave, relocation and repatriation expenses, dependency allowances, and a comprehensive social security package for staff members and their dependants. Under certain conditions internationally-recruited professional staff members might be eligible for allowances such as home leave, education grant or rental subsidy.

Only nationals of CTBT States Signatories can be appointed to the CTBTO. Professional staff will not normally be retained beyond the age of 65 years.


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