Understanding the Project

Understanding the Project

The CORE project, with a comprehensive ERP system as the end product, is an exciting step for the PTS community. It is also a demanding project, one that will require combined effort and team work across the PTS.  Benefits, including learning opportunities, for the organization as a whole and for each individual staff member are immense, but so are the challenges faced during the transitional period. Understanding these will allow for a smoother system changeover and a more efficient corporate culture change.

What are some of the long-term benefits staff and the organization can expect from the CORE project?

  • Utilization of a single system with one application architecture – once you learn to use the system, all applications follow similar logic
  • Access to management information, best practices and procedures through one integrated system,  rather than attempting to gather information manually
  • Integration allowing automation of tasks and reduction of cost and time spent on individual processes
  • Integration allowing automation of tasks and reduction of cost and time spent on individual processes

Before these benefits become visible, the staff and the organization will notice challenges and the impact the project has on their daily workload. Some of these include:

  • Need to learn the system and enhance individual computer literacy -
    since the end product will replace old systems used, staff will require time to get used to operating within the ERP. training and follow-up will be provided to make the learning experience easier
  • Ripple effect that a decision in one area will have in other areas
    the inter-dependence of the procedures within the system could affect work in areas that you might not even be aware of. This will require flexibility and a willingness to change from each individual;  and
  • Need for accuracy in data processing and data integrity –
    while the system will be able to do a lot, it cannot replace the human element.  Data initially needs to be manually entered before the system can process the data. It is therefore essential that proper controls are in place to ensure that all data entered manually is correct. The challenges mentioned above can be successfully dealt with if the changes to the corporate culture of the CTBTO are addressed properly. The CORE team is aware of this and will progressively introduce change management to support the changes to the corporate culture.

The CORE team encourages you to stay actively involved in the project by taking the time to consult this internet site.