Competitive Process Awards

RFQ No. 2018-0156/APYLOVWeather Stations WXT530 series (WXT536) for Radionuclide Stations - UNI Business

ITB No. 2018-0083/RAHMANRenewal of the Existing Subscription Licenses for Alfresco DMS Edition for 2019 - IT-Novum

RFQ No. 2018-0117/JIBRILGigaStor Maintenance Services - Willtron 

ITB No. 2018-0080/CHAUDHRYDesign and Delivery of Hybrid Power Generator Systems for the BOO and for Field Equipment - Renovagen 

RFQ No. 2018-0093/RAHMANMaintenance Renewal for Matlab Licenses, 01 Jan-31 Dec 2019 - UNI Business

RFP 2018-0052/JIBRIL: Provision of Linux Support Services - Fujitsu

RFP No. 2018-0118/APYLOVReplacement of Towers and Upgrade of Mesh Grounding System at IS36, Chatham Island, New Zealand - Kinemetrics

RFQ No. 2018-0158/RAHMANSupply, Delivery and Installation of NVIDIA DGX Station Computer Appliance - FluiDyna GmbH

RFQ No. 2018-0163/THORVALDSDOTTIRSupply, Delivery and Installation of Four CISCO UCSC-C220-M5 Servers - Dimension Data

RFQ No. 2018-0043/THORVALDSDOTTIR: Blood Analysis System - Siemens

ITB No. 2018-0100/THORVALDSDOTTIR: Rental and Optional Purchase of Geophysical Non-seismic Equipment - Geomatrix Earth Science

ITB No. 2018-0122/THORVALDSDOTTIR: Rental and Optional Purchase of Geophysical Non-seismic Equipment # Part 2 - Mala Geoscience

RFQ No. 2018-0074/HASAN: Internal Fence Reconstruction and Shelter over Generator at IS13/RN19 Easter Island, Chile - SSC Space

RFQ No. 2018-0102/CHAUDHRY: Services supporting a Feasibility Study on ATM and Weather Forecast required during an OSI - Michael Schoeppner

RFQ No. 2018-0103/MAEDA: Filming, Editing & Production of Videos on the CTBT Verification Regime for a Public Audience - Digital Canopy

ITB No. 2018-0072/MAHLEN: 4x4 Vehicle for AS30, Furi, Ethiopia - Kjaer

RFP No. 2018-0064/JIBRIL: Provision of Software Engineering for Radionuclide Data Analysis - AWST

RFQ No. 2018-0104/CHAUDHRY: CISCO SNS 3515 (Replacement for ISE 3315) - Kapsch

RFP No. 2018-0052/JIBRIL: Provision of Linux Support Services - Fujitsu

RFP No. 2018-0075/JIBRIL: Enhancement of Web-Grape Internet based Services, on a Call-off Basis - Artal Technologies

RFQ No. 2018-0063/CHAUDHRY: Development of a System for Liquid Argon Scintillation - Khlopin

RFQ No. 2018-0105/CHAUDHRY: Construction of a Sampler for Subsurface Gases - Symetude

RFP No. 2018-0009/RAHMAN: Provision of Software Engineering Services for Atmospheric Transport Modelling (ATM), Data Acquisition, Processing and Dissemination - AWST

RFP No. 2018-0030/THORVALDSDOTTIR: Field Air Conditioners, Diesel Electric Heaters and Accessories, on a Call-off Basis - Dantherm AS

RFQ No. 2018-0036/THORVALDSDOTTIR: Design and Construction of an OSI Airborne Techniques Simulator - National Agricultural Research and Innovation Centre

RFQ No. 2018-0096/THORVALDSDOTTIR: Services relating to the Permitting Processes for the Storage and Handling of Radioactive Sources at the ESMF - Enco

RFQ No. 2018-0121/THORVALDSDOTTIR: Interior Design Services for the Permanent ESMF - Vasko

RFP No. 2018-0018/JIBRIL: Procurement, Installation and Configuration of Mirror Office Storage Array System 2018 - ACP IT Solutions GmbH

RFQ No. 2018-0065/CHAUDHRY: OSI E-Learning Module Development for Ground and Airborne Visual Observation - Johannes Schneider Multimedia KG, Austria

RFP No. 2018-0038/THORVALDSDOTTIR: Base of Operations (BOO) Infrastructure, Furniture and Specialized Accessories, on a Call -off Basis - Norlense, Norway and LANCO, Germany

RFP No. 2018-0016/JIBRIL: Provision of Disk Capacity Expansion of Several Storage Systems - Atea A/S, Denmark

RFP No. 2017-0031/JIBRIL: Provision of Maintenance Services for the CTBTO Storage System for 2018-2021 - Bacher Systems EDV GmbH, Austria

RFP No. 2017-0145/MAEDA: Provision of Group Medical Insurance Plan - AWP H&L S.A. (Allianz), France

RFQ No. 2018-0010/CHAUDHRY: Development and Manufacture of an Atmospheric Air Sampler - West Systems SRL, Italy

RFP No. 2017-0263/RAHMAN: Maintenance Services for the Data Centre UNIX-Based Servers and Systems for the period 2018-2021 - Fujitsu Technology Solutions GmbH, Austria

RFP No. 2018-0002/RAHMAN: PTS Information Security Program Cybersecurity Awareness - ISP, LLC, USA

RFQ No. 2018-0039/THORVALDSDOTTIR: Concept of Operation for the Transmission of Data between the Inspection Area and the Base of Operations for CTBT OSI - IDC Central Europe, Austria

RFQ No. 2018-0040/THORVALDSDOTTIR: Heart Rate Monitoring System - Stryker Austria

RFQ No. 2018-0008/RAHMAN: Filming and Video Editing at ESMF, Seibersdorf - FFAB, Austria

RFP No. 2017-0269/JIBRIL: Provision of Backup and Recovery Solution for the Office Automation Network - ACP IT Solutions GmbH, Austria