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The 2nd CTBT Science Diplomacy Symposium will be held from 21 May to 1 June 2018 at the Vienna International Centre. Its aim is to raise public awareness of the CTBT's contribution to international peace and security, and to encourage cooperative and collaborative research and innovation on nuclear test monitoring science and technology. The Symposium also hopes to stimulate creative thinking about possible political, legal and diplomatic solutions among diplomats, practitioners and policy makers, academics, and the next generation to the challenges facing the Treaty.

Media and civil society

Practical sessions on media look at the current challenges and provide tools for reporting about the CTBT. Participants also examine civil society's role in advocating for nuclear non-proliferation and disarmament, and discuss new approaches.

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Contact & additional information

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For specific inquiries or further information on the symposium, please contact Opens window for sending emaileducationping@ctbtopong.org.

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