Global Partnerships

A seminar entitled "Engaging the Experts, Training the Trainers: CTBT Education in the 21st Century", was held from 11 - 12 June 2012 and connected academics and practitioners from around the globe.

Achieving success through CTBT education and outreach activities is contingent upon expanding the pool of stakeholders within academic and research institutions around the globe.

Creating synergies with such institutions has already begun to generate a powerful multiplier effect that is building capacity and deepening awareness of the technological, political, legal and security aspects of the CTBT.

The CTBTO is developing partnerships with institutions worldwide, including academic and research institutions, international organisations, and other stakeholders invested in education and training. With an expanded network of partnering institutions, the CTBTO's approach to education and outreach truly represents mass educational collaboration. The links below are representative of the universities, organisations and other institutions that have actively participated in CTBT education and outreach events.

For more information on the Capacity Development Initiative and potential collaborative opportunities for your institution, please contact us at