Thursday 18 July 2013

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International Monitoring System and Data Collection and Analysis, Outcome of the Science and Technology 2013 Conference

  • Dr Robert WERZI, Head, Maintenance Unit, CTBTO
  • Dr Jeffrey GIVEN, Chief, Software Applications Section, CTBTO
  • Dr Robert PEARCE, Consultant, International Data Centre Division, CTBTO

Authorizing an On-Site Inspection, Current Status and Build-Up to IFE14

  • Alex LAMPALZER, Policy Planning Officer, Policy Planning and Operations Section, CTBTO 
  • Fanny TONOS PANIAGUA, Policy Planning and Operations Section, CTBTO 
  • Gordon MACLEOD, Chief, Policy Planning and Operations Section, CTBTO
  • Liz DALLAS, Training Section, CTBTO

Practical Arms Control Negotiations: Skills and Tactics

  • Jean du PREEZ, Chief, External Relations and International Cooperation Section, CTBTO
  • Dr Rebecca JOHNSON, Executive Director, Acronym Institute
  • Dr Nikolai SOKOV, Senior Fellow, VCDNP

Technical Briefing on Suspicious Event for CTBT States Parties and First Plenary Session of Executive Council Simulation