Biographical Note:

Biographical Note:


is an associate professor and an expert on arms control technology at the Northwest Institute of Nuclear Technology (NINT) in Xi'an, Shaanxi Province, China.


His main areas of expertise are nuclear technology and arms control. He is also an expert member of the Chinese delegation to the CTBTO Working Group meetings concerned with the examination of verification-related issues.


Kuang was engaged in nuclear technology application and radiation protection research until 1996. He has worked on CTBT verification technologies and has also conducted atmospheric radionuclide transport research, especially related to an on-site inspection (OSI), since 1997.


Kuang has participated in a number of OSI activities organized by the CTBTO, including the Integrated Field Experiment 2008 (IFE08) in Kazakhstan from August to September 2008, where he served as the deputy leader of the Visual Observation sub-team. He played a similar role in the inspection of a simulated nuclear test site during the OSI Directed Exercise in Jordan in November 2010.