Biographical Note:

Biographical Note:


is the Director of the GEO Secretariat.

Achache became the first Director of the GEO Secretariat in 2005. GEO is a voluntary partnership of governments and international organizations, providing a framework within which these partners can develop new projects and coordinate their Earth observation strategies and investments. As of December 2010, GEO’s Members included 85countries and the European Commission. In addition, 58 intergovernmental, international, and regional organizations with a mandate in Earth observation or related issues have been recognized as Participating Organizations.

Prior to leading GEO, Achache was the Director of Earth Observation at the European Space Agency (ESA). While at ESA, he developed the Global Monitoring for Environment and Security (GMES) programme in partnership with the European Commission.

From 1996 to 1999, he was deputy director of the Research Division at the French Geological Survey and the following year became its director. In 1999, he joined the French Space Agency (CNES) as advisor to the President and was appointed Deputy Director General of CNES in 2000. Achache has published numerous scientific papers in international journals on a range of subjects including geophysical imaging, planetary sciences, and Earth observation from space.