Biographical Note:


is the Head of the Software Integration Unit, at the International Data Centre (IDC) Division, CTBTO

Le Bras joined the IDC in 2001 and is now Head of the Software Integration Unit. He has contributed key items to the IDC system, notably the data fusion stage of automatic waveform processing, which combines multiple stations of three waveform technologies into a single automatic bulletin. He has managed projects and teams in nuclear monitoring for the past 16 years while employed by Science Applications International Corporation and the CTBTO.

Previous to his involvement with nuclear monitoring, Le Bras worked as a software engineer and then research geophysicist for oil and gas exploration while employed with Etudes-Production Schlumberger in Paris, France, and Sierra Geophysics in Kirkland, WA, USA. He developed new methods of underground imaging, gained experience in many aspects of software lifecycle and project management methods. His interests lie primarily in making innovative methods available to operational systems, all aspects of signal processing, multi-resolution analysis, and efficient processing of large amounts of data.