Biographical Note:


is a Professor of Physical Oceanography and Chair of the Earth and Ocean Sciences Division in the Nicholas School of Duke University, USA.

Lozier is a physical oceanographer with extensive experience in the study of the ocean’s large-scale meridional overturning circulation.  She has also focused on the ocean’s water mass distribution and variability, Lagrangian pathways of ocean flow and physical constraints on ocean biology.  With each line of research, her focus is on the ocean’s role in climate variability and climate change.  Most recently, she has conducted research on understanding the physical controls on ocean productivity.

Lozier has been a member of the Duke faculty since 1992. She was the recipient of a National Science Foundation Early Career Award in 1996, was awarded a Bass Chair for Excellence in Research and Teaching in 2000, received a Duke University Award for Excellence in Mentoring in 2007, and was selected as an American Meteorological Society Fellow in 2009.  She is also the originator of the programme Mentoring Physical Oceanography Women to Increase Retention, which aims to reduce the barriers to career development for junior women scientists in the field.