2014 Academic Forum

Date: 8-9 May, 2014

The Academic Forum will be a results-oriented, interactive event for academics already engaged in, or interested in, CTBT education and broader disarmament or non-proliferation issues. The purpose of the Forum is to build upon the dialogue of past seminars by identifying ways to integrate CTBT-related topics into existing policy or science-based academic curricula and developing educational resources to further this objective.

An additional goal of this year's Academic Forum will be to present and explore opportunities for academics to engage in research related to the CTBT, such as joint research on nuclear test monitoring, the use of verification technologies and data for civil and scientific applications, legal and policy research related to the Treaty, and technology foresight.

Interested participants should submit this form and supporting documentation to educationping@ctbtopong.org no later than 28 March 2014.