CTBTO Educational Resources

CTBTO Educational Resources

The Next Generation

CTBTO education and outreach activities and resources aim to enhance engagement with key stakeholders by developing capacity and exchanging knowledge on the technical, scientific, legal and political aspects of the CTBT and its verification regime with the broader scientific community, academia and the media.

By offering specialized education courses and utilizing online learning and new media, the CTBTO is promoting wider scientific engagement and reinforcing the vital role of the Treaty in international nuclear non-proliferation and disarmament efforts. Moreover, these activities and resources provide enhanced opportunities for the wider community to participate in strengthening and effectively implementing the Treaty and its multilaterally established verification regime.

The objective of this approach is to raise public awareness of the CTBT’s contribution to international peace and security, strengthen the global norm against nuclear testing, and support efforts to advance the Treaty’s entry into force and universalization.

Financial Support

The CTBTO would like to highlight the generous contributions provided by the European Union, the Kingdom of Norway , and the Kingdom of Sweden in support of its education and outreach activities and resources. Without such substantial contributions, these initiatives would not be possible. Through their generous contributions, the European Union, the Kingdom of Norway and the Kingdom of Sweden demonstrate a shared vision with the CTBTO to engage, train and educate the next generation of CTBT experts.

E-Learning Resources

The CTBTO Knowledge and Training Portal (KTP) is a robust and interactive e-learning platform featuring issue specific modules, quizzes and other Treaty-related resources, and constitutes a core element of the organization's educational resources. All open CTBT courses are live streamed and archived on the KTP for online viewing. Resources include an introductory CTBT Tutorial in multiple languages, stand-alone interaction online modules, and open course archives. In addition, there is a dedicated CTBTO channel on iTunes.

Global Partnerships

The CTBTO is developing partnerships with institutions worldwide, including academic and research institutions, international organisations, and other stakeholders invested in education and training. With an expanded network of partnering institutions, the CTBTO's approach to education and outreach truly represents mass educational collaboration. 

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