CTBTO on iTunes U

2011 Science and Technology Conference Series
2012 CTBT Intensive Policy Course
Tim Hampton Lecture Series

The CTBTO has taken the next step in connecting with the public online and promoting open education by launching a brand new iTunes U (University) page. The CTBTO becomes only the second international organization after UNESCO to do so.

The new CTBTO page allows iTunes users (supports Windows and Mac, as well as iOS mobile devices) to browse and download free video, audio and PDF files of briefings, lectures and presentations by CTBTO staff and leading experts on the policy, legal, technical and scientific aspects of the CTBT and its verification technologies.

  • Download lectures, interviews, official documents, full courses and more
  • Access and play educational audio and video from your Mac, PC or iOS device
  • Explore the CTBTO on iTunes U
Training and education for the future generations is the way to ensure that the international nuclear non-proliferation and disarmament regime remains relevant, robust and sustainable in the long run.CTBTO Executive Secretary Tibor Toth
at the NPT PrepCom, 3 May 2012