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CTBTO Youth Group

Working with the leaders and experts of tomorrow

With 20 years having passed since the opening for signature of the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty (CTBT), it is clear that the Treaty’s entry into force and implementation will be in the hands of the next generation of leaders and policy makers. It is therefore important to provide youth with access to information on the CTBT and its verification regime and enable those interested to effectively convey to others the significance of the Treaty’s entry into force as a key step towards nuclear disarmament and non-proliferation.

The CTBTO Youth Group is open to all students and young professionals who are directing their careers towards global peace and security and who wish to actively promote the CTBT and its verification regime.


The CTBTO Youth Group currently has a membership of over 200 students and young professionals from around the world. These Youth Group members share the common goal of achieving the entry into force of the CTBT. Through capacity building, members will be empowered to use their individual voices, determine what the CTBT means to them, and convey this message in a manner that is meaningful to their peers and community. Furthermore, the resources offered to the group by the CTBTO serve to facilitate interaction among members for brainstorming, knowledge sharing, and the development of projects. Meet some of the group's members.


•    CTBTO Educational material

The Knowledge and Training Portal (KTP), the CTBTO’s interactive e-learning platform, hosts an open archive of educational courses offered by the CTBTO including interactive modules, recorded lectures, presentation files, and assessment quizzes. The courses aim to develop expertise in the political, technical, scientific, and legal areas of the Treaty.

Projects such as “E-learning” by Nathalie Osztaskina, the Sirius Summer Course by Anastasia Shavrova  and the “CTBT in Action” by Carlos Rodriguez-Cruz y Celis provided participants with a comprehensive view on nuclear disarmament and non-proliferation issues, legal instruments to prohibit nuclear testing.

•    CTBTO Events

CTBTO Youth Group (CYG) members regularly participate in and contribute to relevant events and activities to help raise awareness on the mandate of the Organization and to convey the importance of a legally binding global ban on nuclear testing. Over the last year, CYG members were involved in high-profile events in Washington, New York, Brussels, and beyond.

At the June 2016 Ministerial Meeting to commemorate the CTBT’s 20th anniversary, Youth Group members delivered this statement (PDF).

Members had the opportunity to put questions to CTBTO Executive Secretary Lassina Zerbo and UN High-Representative for Disarmament Affairs Kim Won-soo during the event “Conversation with Youth – Ending Nuclear Tests: why should I care” and to meet former UNSG Ban Ki-moon at the “CTBT20 Panel with UNSG Ban Ki-moon”.

The CTBTO organizes regular scientific conferences, as well as capacity development courses on various aspects of the Treaty. This year the “Science and Technology (SnT) Conference 2017” will take place in Vienna in June. It aims to build and strengthen the Organization’s relationship with the broader scientific community and civil society, and plans are underway for CYG members to participate in it.

•    CTBTO Networks

The CTBTO works extensively with institutions worldwide, including academic and research centres, international and non-governmental organizations, and other entities dedicated to nuclear non-proliferation and disarmament. Youth Group members are encouraged and supported to reach out to these institutions and strengthen efforts toward the entry into force of the CTBT.

CYG members have been present at various CTBT related events, including  the “Friends of the CTBT” Ministerial Meeting in New York, the EU Non-Proliferation and Disarmament Conference in Brussels, the American Geophysical Union meeting in San Francisco, and the 50th Anniversary event of the Treaty of Tlatelolco in Mexico City.

On 22 September, several CYG members met with the Director of Policy at Ploughshares Fund Tom Collina, and with the representatives of “Women’s Action for New Directions” Kathy Crandall Robinson and Erica Fein.

“Having an international youth effort to bring the treaty into force is essential. If we’re going to secure the test ban’s entry into force, it’s going to be through an effort like this one, which brings the CTBT to the public’s attention. We’re going to need all of you to get it done.”- Tom Collina

•    CTBTO Outreach Activities

CTBTO outreach activities include special events organized to commemorate historic events of relevance to the CTBT, as well as visits and workshops held around the world. The CTBTO endeavours to secure the participation of members of the CTBTO Youth Group in its outreach activities.

To mark the first anniversary of the CTBTO Youth Group, a Facebook page and group have been launched by Youth Group members Mariam Arghamanyan and Marius Jano, and plans are underway for members to participate in the upcoming Science and Technology Conference (SnT2017).

•    Publications

The CTBTO provides substantive and logistical support to Youth Group members in their efforts to publish their work within their communities and regions. Members of the group have the opportunity to contribute to CTBTO publications and online platforms, and a relationship has been established with InDepthNews (http://www.indepthnews.net/) to allow Youth Group members to publish opinion pieces on CTBT issues.

CTBTO Youth Group Report for the CTBT 20th Anniversary
Digital/Online Version (PDF)
Print Version (Single Pages) (PDF)

•    GEM Mentoring

The CTBTO facilitates dialogue with the Group of Eminent Persons (GEM) to foster Youth Group projects through mentoring and guidance. This provides participating students and young professionals with unique access to a wealth of knowledge and experience.

The articles listed feature the writings of CTBTO Youth Group members. The CTBTO encourages the enthusiasm of Youth Group members in promoting the work of the Organization, the Treaty’s entry-into-force and non-proliferation in general. The views expressed in these articles are those of the authors and should not be seen as representing the Organization.

CYG Articles:

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