Integrated Field Exercise 2008


8 October 2008
The first ever integrated on-site inspection exercise conducted by the CTBTO in Kazakhstan has come to an end. It showed that on-site inspections are indeed the ultimate verification measure.

Background reports:
28 January 2009
NGO VERTIC presentation on CTBTO's first integrated on-site inspection exercise (PDF)

18 September 2008
CTBTO on-site inspection simulation completes first phase

12 September 2008
CTBTO inspectors implement on-site inspection test scenario in Kazakh steppe

23 June 2008
Preparing for the IFE08


Press Centre

Press Release:
Integrated on-site inspection exercise in Kazakhstan reaches a successful conclusion
9 October 2008

CTBTO starts first ever on-site inspection simulation
2 September 2008

Final preparations for major CTBT inspection exercise
21 August 2008

Invitation to Press Briefing   (PDF)
20 August 2008

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Background Information      (PDF)
1 July 2008

IFE08 Movie (15 minutes)