AGRS and MSIR equipment certified for operation during IFE14

The Jordanian Air Force provides the AS332 Super Puma helicopter in which the equipment is mounted.
The equipment was installed and calibrated during flights and dry-runs on the airfield.
A source of caesium-137 was used to calibrate the gamma spectroscopy system, determining the optimum flight altitude.

In preparation for IFE14, the CTBTO conducted a second airborne field test in Amman, Jordan, from 8 to 14 March 2014, following up on the first airborne field test in November 2013.


This March test focused primarily on the task of mounting, operating and dismounting the newly acquired Airborne Gamma Radiation Spectroscopy (AGRS) system on a Royal Jordanian Air Force Eurocopter AS332 Super Puma helicopter. The AGRS system has been provided by the Government of Canada as a contribution-in-kind for operation during IFE14.


The key objective was to ascertain and implement, in advance of IFE14, the mounting configuration of the AGRS system to a Super Puma that was acceptable to both the Royal Jordanian Air Force and the CTBTO as well as to successfully operate the AGRS system during flight.


The CTBTO, with the support of engineers of the Royal Jordanian Air Force, successfully mounted the AGRS system on two specially tailored plates above the hatch of the Super Puma. Following successful electro-magnetic interference tests, permission was granted to calibrate the system by flying at various heights of between 40 and 60 metres above ground level above selected radioactive sources, before a three hour airborne survey was conducted to the north-east of Amman.

“Certification of the AGRS system was made possible by the extremely strong support provided by the Royal Jordanian Air Force, for which the CTBTO is very grateful. This new AGRS equipment will be critical and a valued tool for the Inspection Team during IFE14.”Xavier Blanchard, Equipment and Implementation Officer
The multi-spectral imaging equipment is provided as contribution-in-kind by the European Union.
Large sodium iodide detector crystal for the gamma spectroscopy system. The system is provided as contribution-in-kind by Canada.

Following the successful conclusion of the AGRS system testing, the CTBTO, again with the support of engineers of the Royal Jordanian Air Force, mounted a recently re-configured multi-spectral imaging including infrared measurements (MSIR) system which underwent agreed modifications following the November 2013 Airborne Field Test. Despite inclement weather limiting the opportunity for further flights, the MSIR system was successfully tested during a ground run, before the Royal Jordanian Air Force approved and certified the configuration of both systems for operations during IFE14.


The CTBTO would like to thank the Royal Jordanian Air Force and the Government of Jordan for their close cooperation and support during both pre-IFE14 airborne field tests.