CTBTO conducts a Deep CPT Equipment Test in advance of IFE14

An industrial vibrator was used to generate a large seismic source
Using a sledgehammer on a steel plate to generate a seismic source

In warm March weather, the CTBTO conducted an equipment test and training on active seismic equipment, some of which has been generously provided by Hungary as a contribution-in-kind for the IFE14. The exercise, which took place over an abandoned underground clay mine with on-site inspection  relevant geometry, aimed to train five IFE14 inspection team members on the deployment scheme and operation of deep ranging geophysical equipment, in order for them to be best prepared for its possible operation during IFE14.


The equipment training event took place in the vicinity of Rohamy, approximately 80 km north of Budapest. The site was selected because a natural void with a diameter of 28 metres and depth of 100 metres occurs below the surface, a geological feature one could describe as having high OSI relevance.

Participants practising the use of geophones for an active seismic survey
Setting up equipment for an electromagnetic survey

Participants were trained on two sets of equipment during the exercise. The first was deep ranging electromagnetic equipment. They experienced a fully-fledged field work cycle including acquisition planning, field layout, measurement, data quality control scheme, and interpretation. The second was the use of a seismic operation using a 72 channel line set up for reflection surveys, with a sledgehammer, accelerated drop weight and industrial vibrator used to generate a seismic source.


By the end of the five field days, all participants had been exposed to these deep ranging geophysical methods and are confident of being able to operate all the equipment independently during IFE14.