Jordan: The Host Country

Jordan is providing an inspection area of up to 1,000 km2 on the banks of the Dead Sea.

The Preparatory Commission for the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization (CTBTO) selected the offer of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan to host IFE14. The exercise will be conducted during November and December 2014 in an inspection area of up to 1,000 km2 on the banks of the Dead Sea - some 100 km southwest of Amman.

The proposed inspection area has a variety of geological features which could be interpreted as resulting from a nuclear explosion. These features include landslides along the eastern shore of the Dead Sea, recently created sinkholes as a result of the Dead Sea water level lowering in Al-Hadeetha and successions of water terraces in the Al-Mujib delta. The geology is therefore helpful in the development of a technically realistic scenario for the exercise.  

The inspection area is home to a wide variety of geological features including sinkholes and landslides that help create a realistic and simulating but fictional scenario for the exercise.
Jordan is rich in geological and geophysical studies which will support the implementation of an integrated field exercise.

IFE14 builds on previous cooperation between the CTBTO and Jordan. In 2010 Jordan hosted an exercise aimed at testing ground-based visual observation techniques and communications infrastructure. In the run-up to IFE14, Jordan will also host a second communications expert meeting, a multi-spectral imaging field test and training for national authority representatives.

Amman, where 40 inspectors and around 150 tons of equipment will arrive in Jordan for IFE14.

The Government of Jordan has designated the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources as the primary counterpart in Jordan for the organization and conduct of IFE14. The ministry has established a National Steering Committee to coordinate cooperation with a range of other Jordanian organizations and entities kindly providing support for the conduct of IFE14. These include:

Jordan Atomic Energy Commission (JAEC)

Jordan Nuclear Regulatory Commission (JNRC)

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Ministry of Interior

Ministry of Health

Royal Jordanian Air Force

The CTBTO would like to express its particular thanks to the Embassy of Jordan in Vienna and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for their assistance and coordination of IFE14 activities.

(Photos reproduced with permission from the Jordan Tourism Board)