Radiation Protection and Safety Training

Radiation protection training is a key element for an on-site inspection looking for signs of a nuclear explosion.
The training involved the handling of various items of radiation detection, measuring and identification equipment such as gamma spectrometers.

In preparation for IFE14, seven CTBTO staff participated in a tailor-made introductory training course on radiation protection and safety at Seibersdorf Laboratories, near Vienna from 28 May to 5 June.

The course involved a combination of lectures, practical exercises and hands-on training with personal protection equipment (PPE) and instrumentation. It focused on awareness building, the acquisition of general safety and security principles and technical background knowledge, as well as on the strengthening of analytical skills and understanding of safety culture.

Trainees in full PPE testing radiation protection measurement devices.

In addition to providing elementary information on types of radiation, detection and identification of sources, use of PPE and decontamination procedures, the course covered the international and Austrian regulatory background and constraints relating to storage, handling and transportation of sources.