Training for IFE14

A facilitator demonstrates to surrogate inspectors how to take environmental samples during a training course in Austria in March 2013.

The Preparatory Commission for the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization (CTBTO) is continuously developing a training programme of inspectors for adoption upon entry into force of the CTBT. The training programme is developed through testing in training-cycles, each of which involves approximately 50 trainees or surrogate inspectors. A number of these trainees will participate in various roles in IFE14

A pool of around 100 trained surrogate inspectors will be available for IFE14.

Second Training Cycle

Trainees practice using ground-penetrating radar to detect changes in underground structures.

In November 2014, IFE14 will mark the culmination of the second training cycle which began in June 2010.  The training programme aims to provide trainees with a range of new skills and knowledge, including expertise on:

  • Different OSI equipment and their technologies along with the techniques to use them;
  • Different conditions in which they may need to apply their expertise and how to function in the specific, ambiguous and adverse context of an inspection;
  • Leadership management within the inspection team and implementing a logical search of an inspection area;
  • Integration of techniques and efforts;
  • Standard operating procedures;
  • Health and safety; and
  • Logistics.

Training is provided through courses, table-top exercises and other training interventions along with the opportunity to practise newly acquired skills during exercises.

Continuous evaluation of training activities and trainee performance has helped to identify competency gaps prior to IFE14. Further training events and refresher courses to nurture critical skills required by IFE14 participants have been integrated into the training programme.

All the trainees are renowned specialists in their fields.


A trainee practices operating a geophysical device that measures electrical conductivity in the soil to identify possible anomalies.

All the trainee inspectors are renowned specialists in their research institutes, operation centres, laboratories and other highly technical, yet diverse environments. 

By 2012, training had been expanded to cover CTBTO staff who would work in the operations support centre or form part of the core inspection team.



Host-country Training

The CTBTO will organize a training course for IFE14 host country individuals in December 2013, aimed at imparting the necessary skills for them to assume their various roles and functions in IFE14.

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