What is IFE14?

What is IFE14?


The Integrated Field Exercise 2014 (IFE14) is a field exercise to test the operation and techniques of an on-site inspection (OSI) in an integrated manner. The exercise will be held in Jordan in November and December 2014. It aims to simulate a CTBT on-site inspection in which 40 inspectors search a designated area of up to 1,000 km2 for evidence of whether or not a nuclear explosion has taken place.

IFE14 is a field exercise to simulate an almost entire on-site inspection in Jordan in late 2014. An on-site inspection involves the meticulous search of a designated area for evidence of whether a nuclear explosion has taken place or not.

IFE14 Objectives

IFE14 objectives are to test the following in an integrated manner:

  • All the phases of an OSI: launch, pre-inspection, inspection and post-inspection;
  • Fifteen out of the 17 inspection techniques listed in the Treaty—a significant development on the technologies tested at the previous integrated field exercise in 2008 (IFE08); and
  • Newly developed operational elements of an OSI such as an enhanced operations support centre, an improved in-field communications system and a rapid deployment system for transporting tons of inspection equipment anywhere in the world.