Harry S. Miley

Harry Miley is the senior scientist of the Nuclear Explosion Monitoring Program (NEMP), Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL), USA. For over 20 years this program has studied the science of monitoring radionuclide debris of nuclear weapons. Some technologies developed by NEMP have been recognized with R&D100 and other awards, and are in daily use in the International Monitoring System. Reporting real-time analysis and interpretation of Fukushima releases to the Department of Energy/National Nuclear Security Administration was a key milestone for the NEMP program and a key test of the aerosol monitoring technology developed by Dr Miley.

Focusing on ultra-trace radiation detection, Dr Miley has also been a lifelong contributor to neutrino and dark matter research. He helped found and organize Majorana, a physics experiment to measure the mass of the neutrino through the double-beta decay of 76Ge.

Since 2008, Dr Miley has been studying On Site Inspection science, including the strategies and scientific tools available to inspectors. He has participated in the six-year training cycle as a trainer and as an inspector, and will be the radionuclide Technical Subject Leader for the 2014 Integrated Field Exercise.


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