Ricardo Sagarzazu

Ricardo Sagarzazu is the Vice President for Strategic Development at INVAP in Argentina. INVAP develops state-of-the-art technology in different industrial, scientific and applied research fields.

He joined INVAP SE in 1985 where he worked on different technology development projects, including radiation and particle detector for space applications such as the HXRS, a High energy X ray detector for space application, and the Multiwire Detector for high energy ions at the tandem accelerator for the  Argentine Atomic Energy Commission.

After the creation of the Space Division at INVAP, he was responsible for managing the Villa Golf Facility, where INVAP`s first three satellite platforms and their payloads were integrated, tested and delivered for launch.

Prior to this he worked at CITEFA (the Institute for Scientific and Technological Research of the Armed Forces) in Buenos Aires, where he was one of the founders of the Microelectronics Laboratory, a group dedicated to the development of hybrid and integrated circuit technology. He also directed the Research and Development Laboratory at CITEFA. He was part of the team that set up the first pilot plant for microelectronic manufacturing in Argentina.

Mr Sagarzazu is a member of the Administrative Counsel of the National Nanotechnology Foundation in Argentina.


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