Oral Presentations

Number Title Author File
T1.5-O8 Tsunami Warning System for the Eastern Mediterranean and Its Connected Seas O. Necmioglu [PDF]
T1.1-O1 A Global View on the Coherent Infrasound Field: Reprocessing of the Full International Monitoring System Infrasound L. Ceranna [PDF]
T1.1-O2 A Study of Atmospheric Gravity Waves Using the USArray Transportable Array M. Hedlin [PDF]
T1.1-O3 Determination of Vertical Profiles of Temperature and Wind in the Atmosphere Using Data from Infrasound Monitoring S. Kulichkov [PDF]
T1.1-O4 Towards a Volcanic Notification System with Infrasound Data N. Brachet [PDF]
T1.2-O1 Developing Path-Dependent Uncertainty Estimates for Use with the Regional Seismic Travel Time Model M. Begnaud [PDF]
T1.2-O2 Earthquakes Relocation by Three-Dimensional P-Wave Velocity Model for Abu Dabbab Area, Red Sea, Egypt A. Shater  
T1.2-O3 Geophysical Methods in Tracing Palaeozoic Suture Zones Within the Lithosphere of Uzbekistan B. Nurtaev [PDF]
T1.2-O4 Imaging Crustal Structure of South East Asia from Seismic Noise E. Saygin [PDF]
T1.2-O5 Improving the Regional Seismic Travel Time Model Through International Outreach S. Myers [PDF]
T1.2-O6 The Effect of Structure on the Mislocation Vectors of Naqu Array and the Slowness-Azimuth Station Correction for Naqu Array C. Hao, Z. Zheng [PDF]
T1.2-O7 Using International Monitoring System Seismic Data to Measure Fine Features of PKiKP Waves D. Krasnoshchekov [PDF]
T1.3-O1 A Bayesian Algorithm for Assessing Uncertainty in Radionuclide Source Terms P. Robins [PDF]
T1.3-O2 A Framework for Systematic Testing of an Improved Wet Deposition Scheme for the Lagrangian Dispersion Model FLEXPART A. Philipp [PDF]
T1.3-O3 Application of Atmospheric Dispersion Modelling to On-Site Inspection G. Sugiyama [PDF]
T1.3-O4 Argon-37 in Atmospheric and Sub-Soil Gases R. Purtschert [PDF]
T1.3-O5 Constructing a Na-22 Radionuclide Tracer Data Set and a Semi-Empirical Production Model I. Hoffman [PDF]
T1.3-O6 Noble Gas Migration Experiment to Support CTBT Verification K. Olsen [PDF]
T1.3-O7 Uncertainty Quantification of Long-Range Atmospheric Transport Models: Case Study P. de Meutter [PDF]
T1.3-O8 Variability in Subsurface Gas Transport in the Light of Field Experiments and Numerical Modelling S. Guillon [PDF]
T1.4-O1 Drilling to Obtain Radioactive Samples: Concept of Operations and Equipment W. Hawkins [PDF]
T1.4-O2 Modelling Anisotropic Effects for Reservoir Fracture Characterization of a Naturally Fractured Tight Carbonate Reservoir, Onshore Texas, USA O. Osinowo [PDF]
T1.4-O3 Selecting Targets for On-Site Inspection Drilling to Obtain Radioactive Samples Based on Test Site Observations W. Hawkins [PDF]
T1.4-O4 Understanding the Challenges of On-Site Inspection Drilling to Safely Recover Relevant Radiological Samples from an Underground Nuclear Explosion W. Dekin [zip]
T1.5-O1 Comoro-Islands/Regional Seismic Sources and Related Effects M. Madi [PDF]
T1.5-O2 Estimation of Radionuclide Releases from the Fukushima Nuclear Accident Using the Hybrid Single Particle Lagrangian Integrated Trajectory (HYSPLIT) Model and the International Monitoring System Air Concentration Measurements T. Chai [PDF]
T1.5-O3 Gaps in Monitoring System and National Data for Natural Hazard Assessment in Georgia N. Tsereteli [PDF]
T1.5-O4 Macroseismic Effects of Recently Strong Earthquakes in Uzbekistan M. Usmanova [PDF]
T1.5-O5 Recent Developments of the National Seismic and Infrasound Networks to Monitor Natural Hazards in Iceland K. Jonsdottir [zip]
T1.5-O6 Seismic Swarm near the Capital of Mongolia Investigated Using Double-Difference Tomography M. Adiya [PDF]
T1.5-O7 The Deep Ocean Temperature Derived from CTBT Hydroacoustic Recordings of Deterministic Transient Signals and Ambient Acoustic Noise L. Evers [PDF]

Number Title Author File
T2.1-O1 Application of Airborne Remote Sensing During IFE14 A. Rowlands [PDF]
T2.1-O2 Detection Capability Estimation of the IFE14 SAMS Network N. Gestermann [PDF]
T2.1-O3 Information Based Search by the Inspection Team During IFE14 P. Labak [PDF]
T2.1-O4 Latest Development on MARDS: An Argon-37 Detection System W. Li [PDF]
T2.1-O5 Scenario Planning and Preparation of Ground-Based and Remotely-Sensed Visual Observables for IFE14 A. Sussman [PDF]
T2.2-O1 Getting Closer to Surface Ground Truth Zero (GT0): Enhanced Geo-Positioning and Geological Site Characterization of Underground Nuclear Test Sites such as in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea Using Openly Available Geospatial Tools like Google Earth F. Pabian [PDF]
T2.2-O2 Improving Nuclear Verification Technologies and Regional Cooperation Using a Hypothetical Event: A Common Exercise in the 2014 East Asia Regional National Data Centre Workshop C. Yonezawa [PDF]
T2.2-O3 Noble Gas Background and Response of the CTBT Radionuclide Monitoring System to Nuclear Accidents E. Gampson  
T2.2-O4 Radiation Situation at the Places of Peaceful Nuclear Explosions in Kazakhstan V. Gluchshenko  
T2.2-O5 The 2013 National Data Centre Preparedness Exercise: A Complex Scenario for Multi-Technology Analysis J. Ross [PDF]
T2.2-O6 Towards a Physical Understanding of the mb:Ms Event Screening Criterion N. Selby [PDF]
T2.3-O1 A New, Improved and Fully Automatic Method for Teleseismic Depth Estimation of Moderate Earthquakes (4.5<M<5.5) and an Application to the Guerrero Subduction Zone, Mexico J. Letort [PDF]
T2.3-O2 Estimating Depth and Source Characteristics of Nuclear Tests by the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea in 2006, 2009 and 2013 Using Regional and Teleseismic Networks S. Kim [PDF]
T2.3-O3 Infrasound Observations From a Seismo-Acoustic Hammer Source at the Nevada National Security Site Kyle R. Jones, [PDF]
T2.3-O4 MS VMAX: Implementation and Developments of an Operational Tool for Event Characterization at the French National Data Centre A. Guilhem [PDF]
T2.3-O5 Seismic Vibrations from Wind Turbines and Their Effects on the International Monitoring System Seismometer Array EKA at Eskdalemuir, Scotland D. Bowers [PDF]
T2.4-O1 Development of a Xenon Mitigation Prototype C. Gueibe [PDF]
T2.4-O2 Impact of Worldwide Xe-133 Atmospheric Background on International Monitoring System Network Coverage P. Achim [PDF]
T2.4-O3 Measuring Radioactive Emissions in Gaseous Effluents at Medical Isotope Production Facilities E. Nassif [PDF]
T2.4-O4 Update on the Workshop on Signatures of Medical and Industrial Isotope Production (WOSMIP) J. Friese [PDF]

Number Title Author File
T3.1-O1 Compact Seafloor Cabled Seismic and Tsunami Observation System Enhanced by Information and Communications Technology M. Shinohara [PDF]
T3.1-O2 Considerations for the Design of Future CTBT Monitoring Seismic Arrays R. Kemerait [PDF]
T3.1-O3 Real Time Monitoring System of Earthquakes and Tsunamis for Advanced Early Warning System and Prediction Research: For the Disaster Mitigation of Earthquakes and Tsunamis Y. Kaneda [PDF]
T3.1-O4 The SAUNA III Project A. Ringbom [PDF]
T3.1-O5 Ubiquitous Infrasound M. Garces [PDF]
T3.2-O1 Emerging Small Satellite Constellations for Verification Support T. Patton [zip]
T3.2-O2 Canberra J.Flamanc [PDF]
T3.2-O3 New Development in Ruggedized HPGe Detectors for Outdoor Gamma Spectroscopy F. Jeremy  
T3.2-O4 On-Site Inspection RadioIsotopic Spectroscopy (OSIRIS): A Spectrum-Blind Gamma Ray Spectroscopy System for On-Site Inspections under the CTBT G. Caffrey [PDF]
T3.2-O5 Snapshot Spectral Imaging Technologies for On-Site Inspection J. Jones [PDF]
T3.2-O6 The Potential Use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles During On-Site Inspections J. Palmer [PDF_part A] [PDF_part B]
T3.3-O1 Advancement of the CTBTO Link to the International Seismological Centre Database D. Storchak [PDF]
T3.3-O2 An Integrated Data Acquisition, Processing and Analysis Platform for NDCs: The Extended NDC-in-a-Box (EU/CTBTO Joint Action V) V. Miljanovic [PDF]
T3.3-O3 Association of Array Processing and Machine Learning for the Detection and Classification of Seismic Events P. Bui Quang [PDF]
T3.3-O4 Automatic P-Onset Precise Determination Based on Local Maxima H. Ait Laasri [PDF]
T3.3-O5 Creation of a High-Resolution Catalogue of Mining Explosions Within the Russian Platform Using Joint Capabilities of Seismic Array Mikhnevo and the International Monitoring System I. Kitov [PDF]
T3.3-O6 Searchlight Correlation Detectors: Optimal Seismic Monitoring Using Regional and Global Networks S. Gibbons [PDF]
T3.3-O7 Signal-Based Bayesian Monitoring D. Moore [PDF]
T3.3-O8 Toward High-Confident and Full Automation of Seismic Data Processing for CTBT Monitoring P. Jin [PDF]
T3.3-O9 Using International Seismological Centre Data to Build a Prior of Seismicity for NET-VISA N. Arora [PDF]
T3.4-O1 A New Verification Tool of Nuclear Explosions Using Ambient Noise E. Fergany [PDF]
T3.4-O2 IFE14 Seismic Event Identification by Spectral Pattern Recognition and Combination of Array and Network Localization B. Sick [PDF]
T3.4-O3 Numerical Study of Acoustic Waves Around and Inside an Underground Cavity S. Esterhazy [PDF]
T3.4-O4 Testing the Use of Passive Seismic Methods to Detect Underground Cavities J. Sweeney [PDF]

Number Title Author File
T4.1-O1 A Novel Approach to Assess the Verification Capability of the International Monitoring System Noble Gas Network A. Ringbom, T. Fritioff [PDF]
T4.1-O2 Advanced Methods to Remotely Monitor Volcanoes Using Infrasound D. Tailpied, L. Ceranna [zip]
T4.1-O3 Investigating a New Paradigm in Delaying Impending Earthquake in Indo-Nepal Himalaya D. Shanker [PDF]
T4.1-O4 Improvement in the Seismic Detection Threshold in the Brazilian Amazon J. Carvalho [PDF]
T4.1-O5 Local Weather Condition Effects on Detection Capability of South Eastern African Infrasound Station A. Ramanantsoa [PDF]
T4.1-O6 Optimization of the Network Coverage of the International Monitoring System Noble Gas Component M. Schoeppner [PDF]
T4.1-O7 The Influence of the CTBTO in the Establishment of the Seismological Network of Namibia N. Titus [PDF]
T4.3-O1 Increase Data Availability and Reduce Logistical Support Cost Through Maintenance Management Information Systems D. Sillivant [PDF]
T4.3-O2 System Topology and Fault Tree Analysis (FTA) for Seismic and/or Infrasound Sensor Sites M. Thursby [PDF]