Poster Presentations

Number Title Author(s) File
T1.1 Infrasound and Atmospheric Structure      
T1.1-P1 A Comparative Study of Automated Infrasound Detectors Using Infrasound Sensors and Single Seismic Stations J. Park, C. Hayward, C. Zeiler, S. Arrowsmith, B. Stump [jpg]
T1.1-P2 A Source Identification in the Coastal and Marine Environment Inferred from Infrasound Array Observations in the Lüzow-Holm Bay, East Antarctica M. Kanao, T. Murayama, M. Yamamoto, Y. Ishihara, T. Matsushima, S. Toda, Y. Kakinami, K. Okada [PDF]
T1.1-P3 An Overview of Stochastic Propagation Methods for Infrasound Studies P. Blom, S. Arrowsmith [PDF]
T1.1-P4 Application of Infrasound Technology in Detection of Volcanic Explosions I. Itikarai  
T1.1-P5 Atmospheric Infrasound Propagation Modelling Using the Reflectivity Method S. Näsholm, J. Schweitzer, S. Gibbons, T. Kværna [PDF]
T1.1-P6 Detection of Infrasound from Mount Etna REB Events at the Experimental Array in Meron, Israel D. Applbaum, C. Price [jpg]
T1.1-P7 Dynamics of the Middle Atmosphere as Observed by the ARISE Project E. Blanc [jpg]
T1.1-P8 East African Infrasound Station Performance F. Randrianarinosy, T. Rakotoarisoa, A. Ramanantsoa, B. Andrianaivoarisoa, N. Santatra, G. Rambolamanana [jpg]
T1.1-P9 Fusion of Infrasound with Hydroacoustic and Seismic Data in NET-VISA N. Arora, P. Mialle [jpg]
T1.1-P10 Global Cataloging of Explosive Volcanism Using the International Monitoring System Infrasound Network R. Matoza, D. Green, A. Le Pichon, D. Fee [PDF]
T1.1-P11 Identification Signals from Atmospheric Storms N. Tsybulskaya, S. Kulichkov, V. Perepelkin, A. Chulichkov  
T1.1-P12 Infrasound Magnitude Estimation D. Brown, R. Le Bras, P. Mialle [jpg]
T1.1-P13 Infrasound Data Analysis of South-American Infrasound Stations Using International Data Centre SEL3 Data V. Figueres, J. Velazquez, M. Gadea, R. Fugarazzo [jpg]
T1.1-P14 Kazakhstan Infrasound Network: Source Localization V. Dubrovin, A. Smirnov, J. Vergoz [PDF]
T1.1-P15 On the Use of the Kalman Filter for Infrasonic Detection A. Nouvellet, F. Roueff, A. Le Pichon, M. Charbit  
T1.1-P16 Reanalysis of Large Infrasound Data Sets with Stochastic Low-Order Models C. Millet, M. Bertin, J. Vergoz [PDF]
T1.1-P17 Stratospheric and Thermospheric Infrasound Signals Recorded at IS37, Norway S. Näsholm, S. Gibbons, T. Kværna [PDF]
T1.1-P18 Study of the Atmospheric Structure and Dynamics by Infrasound Probing Method I. Chunchuzov  
T1.1-P19 Technique of Joint Processing of Pressure Pulsations and Wind Speed Information at International Monitoring System Infrasound Stations I. Rybin, A. Rogovoy [PDF]
T1.1-P20 Using Infrasound and Seismic Networks for Monitoring Ecuadorian Volcanoes: Case Study of Tungurahua and Reventador Volcanoes M. Ruiz Romero, A. Steele [PDF]
T1.1-P21 Using Probabilistic Infrasound Reflectivity Modelling for Single Station Event Characterization C. Pilger, L. Ceranna [PDF]
T1.1-P22 Volcano Infrasound Monitoring Including Propagation Effects Induced by Topography and Atmosphere G. Lacanna, E. Marchetti, M. Ripepe, M. Ichihara [PDF]
T1.2 Solid Earth Structure      
T1.2-P1 Mantle Discontinuities Beneath the Balkans G. Georgieva [PDF]
T1.2-P2 A Global 3D Velocity Model for Improved Seismic Event Location in Nuclear Explosion Monitoring S. Ballard, M. Begnaud, C. Young, J. Hipp, A. Encarnacao, W. Phillips [PDF]
T1.2-P3 Crustal Heterogeneity Beneath North Eastern Japanese Trench Arc System Inferred by Stress and Strain umerical Modeling and Seismic Coupling Models: Step to Predict Earthquakes E. Jayawickram  
T1.2-P4 Crustal Thickness Estimation Beneath the Northern Andes Using the Receiver Function Method H. Poveda Nuñez  
T1.2-P5 Determination of the Regional Principal Stress Directions along the Gulf of Suez, Egypt A. Shater, S. Mahmoude  
T1.2-P6 Development of a Seismic Velocity Model of West Africa Using International Monitoring System Data and International Data Centre Products Y. Ouattara [PDF]
T1.2-P7 Evaluating the Regional Seismic Travel Time Model S. Nippress, D. Bowers [PDF]
T1.2-P8 Global 3D Tomographic Imaging of the Crust and Mantle for Enhanced Seismic Monitoring N. Simmons, S. Myers, G. Johannesson, E. Matzel [PDF]
T1.2-P9 Ground-Truth Events from Mining Blasting L. Vieira Barros, J. Carvalho, M. Assumpção, M. Rocha [jpg]
T1.2-P10 Heterogeneities of Short-Period Shear Wave Attenuation Field and Geodynamic Processes at Semipalatinsk Test Site Region I. Sokolova, Y. Kopnichev [PDF]
T1.2-P11 Lithosphere-Asthenosphere System in the Balkan Peninsula Region R. Raykova, G. Panza [PDF]
T1.2-P12 ONLI: A Code for Optimized Non-Linear Inversion of Surface-Wave Dispersion Data R. Raykova [PDF]
T1.2-P13 Seismic Velocity Structure of the Itezhi Tezhi Region in Zambia Developed by Application of the Receiver Function Method D. Mutamina  
T1.2-P14 Spatio-Temporal Variations of Short-Period S Wave Attenuation Field Structure in the Region of Nevada Nuclear Test Site Y. Kopnichev, I. Sokolova [PDF]
T1.2-P16 Velocity Structure of the Iran Region Using Seismic and Gravity Observations E. Syracuse, M. Maceira, E. Bergman, W. Phillips, M. Begnaud, H. Zhang [PDF]
T1.2-P17 Vertical and Lateral Variation of Coda Wave Attenuation in Makran Region, South-East of Iran N. Najafipour, H. Rahimi [PDF]
T1.3 Atmospheric and Subsurface Radionuclide Dispersion and Depletion      
T1.3-P1 A Comparison Between Different Radionuclide Source Location Techniques Using the Third Announced Nuclear Test in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea as an Example A. Ringbom, A. Axelsson [PDF]
T1.3-P2 A Comparison of Traditional and New Inverse Modelling Techniques for Source Term Identification in the Atmosphere M. Branda, L. Adam [PDF]
T1.3-P3 Argon-37 Background in Fractured Porous Media: A Numerical Study of Production- and Transport-Induced Variability S. Guillon, R. Purtschert, L. Raghoo, Y. Sun, C. Carrigan, E. Pili [PDF]
T1.3-P4 Atmospheric Dispersion During Normal and Accidental Release A. Malkawi  
T1.3-P5 Barometric Pumping of a Fractured Porous Medium P. Adler, V. Mourzenko , J. Thovert, E. Pili, S. Guillon [PDF]
T1.3-P6 Identifying the Source of Specific Events: A Major Challenge for the French National Data Centre S. Generoso, P. Achim, M. Mireille, P. Gross, G. Le Petit [PDF]
T1.3-P7 Impact of Higher Resolution Meteorological Fields on the Results of Atmospheric Transport Modelling M. Krysta [jpg]
T1.3-P8 Influence of Precipitation on Be-7 Concentrations in Air as Measured by the CTBTO Global Monitoring System J. Kusmierczyk-Michulec, A. Gheddou [PDF]
T1.3-P9 Intercomparison Study Between RODOS and FLEXPART Dry Deposition for I-131 A. Delcloo, J. Camps [jpg]
T1.3-P10 Man-Made Nuclear Fission Iodine-129 and Plutonium Determination and Behaviour in Soil A. Puzas, D. Baltrūnas, Ž. Ežerinskis, J. Šapolaitė, R. Gvozdaitė, R. Druteikienė, X. Hou, V. Remeikis [PDF]
T1.3-P11 Nuclear Test Plutonium and Radiocaesium Dispersion in Lakes Ecosystems: Experimental Data and Novel Modelling Approach A. Puzas, D. Baltrūnas, E. Maceika, B. Lukšienė, V. Filistovič, N. Tarasiuk, L. Juodis, E. Koviazina, M. Konstantinova, Š. Buivydas [PDF]
T1.3-P12 Sensitivity Analysis of a Short Distance Atmospheric Dispersion Model Applied to the Fukushima Disaster R. Périllat, I. Korsakissok, S. Girard, V. Mallet, A. Mathieu  
T1.3-P13 The “Smoking Gun” and Its Geological Control E. Pili, S. Guillon, P. Adler, D. Neuville, L. Grousset [jpg]
T1.3-P14 The Variability of Ar-37 Concentrations in Soil Air Due to Changing Environmental Conditions L. Raghoo, D. Purtschert [jpg]
T1.3-P15 Topographical Effects on Surface Detection of Underground Nuclear Explosion with Gases S. Guillon, Y. Sun, E. Pili, C. Carrigan [PDF]
T1.3-P16 Validation of Global Atmospheric Dispersion Model Using International Monitoring System Data K. Suh, B. Min, K. Park, S. Kim [PDF]
Exploratory Drilling Techniques for On-Site Inspection      
T1.4-P1 Drilling to Obtain Radionuclide Samples: A Discussion G. MacLeod [PDF]
Civil and Scientific Applications of IMS Data and IDC Products      
T1.5-P1 Seismic Microzonation of the Main Cities in Jordan Using Microtremor Observations W. Olimat [PDF]
T1.5-P2 A Cluster of Deep Crustal Seismicity in the Northern Alpine Foreland of Austria A. Gerner, B. Grasemann, W. Lenhard [jpg]
T1.5-P3 Assessment of the Radiological Impact in Argentina of the Nuclear Tests After Decades E. Quintana [jpg]
T1.5-P4 Armenian Earthquake Catalogue S. Margaryan, A. Arakelyan  
T1.5-P5 Assessment of Tsunami Hazards from the Manila Trench Source to Viet Nam Using Worst Case Scenarios H. Nguyen, H. Vu, T. Pham  
T1.5-P6 Backtracking the Holuhraun Exceptional Sulphur Dioxide Event in September 2014 C. Maurer, G. Wotawa [PDF]
T1.5-P7 Civil Applications of Infrasound and Seismic Data: Location of the Plane Crash of Air Algeria S. Tiendrebeogo, P. Mialle, O. Sanogo [PDF]
T1.5-P8 Comparison Between Site Motion Amplification Based on the Impedance Contrast Relative to the H/V Ratio Amplification Along the Eastern Shore of the Dead Sea M. Naser  
T1.5-P9 Contribution of CTBTO Seismic Data to Ghana’s Earthquake Monitoring P. Amponsah, S. Osae [PDF]
T1.5-P11 Design Synchronization Output Monitoring System of Earthquakes on the Input Tsunami Modelling Using My SQL W. Setyonegoro  
T1.5-P12 Determination of Local Magnitude Scale for West Java Region, Indonesia H. Hidayanti, T. Yatimantoro, M. Dashdondog  
T1.5-P13 Determination of Local Magnitude Scale for Uganda J. Nyago [PDF]
T1.5-P14 Determination of Slip Distribution of the 11 April 2012 Outer Rise Sumatra Earthquake (Mw = 8.6) Using Tsunami Waveform T. Yatimantoro, Y. Tanioka  
T1.5-P15 Developing an Early Warning System Using First Arrivals of P Wave of Earthquakes Recorded in Iran A. Safepour, V. Gholami [jpg]
T1.5-P16 Development and Application of a Web-Based Spatio-Temporal Database Platform for an Early Warning System: From Field Monitoring and Data Storage to Database Management and Local Spatial Analysis to Data Visualization B. Ayoniyi [PDF]
T1.5-P17 Development and Application of the Bulgarian Emergency Response System for Modelling of the Atmospheric Transport of Radioactive Substances B. Veleva, D. Syrakov, M. Prodanova, K. Slavov, M. Kolarova, E. Georgieva [jpg]
T1.5-P18 Development of Web-Application System for Waveform Data Observed by Real-Time Seafloor Seismic Network, DONET M. Takaesu, H. Horikawa, K. Sueki, A. Sonoda, N. Takahashi, S. Tsuboi [jpg]
T1.5-P19 Earthquake Occurrence Statistics and Delimitation of Seismogenic Source Zones in the Himalayan Belt D. Shanker [PDF]
T1.5-P20 Earthquake Monitoring of the Arabian Peninsula and Adjacent Regions T. Medinskaya pptx
T1.5-P21 Earthquake Prediction Model with Source Mechanisms of Earthquake Polarity Identification Through Ball Focal Classification using ANFIS and PCA Technique W. Setyonegoro  
T1.5-P22 Earthquake Hazard Assessment in Morocco Y. Hahou, Y. Timoulali, N. Jabour, I. Bensaid  
T1.5-P23 Estimation of Local Magnitudes and Station Corrections for Selected Seismic Stations in Slovakia Z. Margocova, R. Kysel, J. Kristek, A. Cipciar [PDF]
T1.5-P24 Evaluation of Earthquake-Induced Strain in Promoting Mud Eruptions: The Case of Shamakhi-Gobustan-Absheron Area, Azerbaijan G. Babayev, A. Tibaldi, F. Bonali, F. Kadirov [PDF]
T1.5-P25 Ground Motion Scaling Study in Central Anatolia Region, Turkey K. Semin, N. Ozel, O. Necmioglu, C. Destici, S. Kocak, U. Teoman [jpg]
T1.5-P27 Kazakhstan Monitoring System: Merging Opportunities to Solve Global, Regional and Local Tasks N. Belyashova [PDF]
T1.5-P28 Modernization of the Eastern Caribbean Earthquake and Volcano Monitoring Network Through Collaboration L. Lynch  
T1.5-P29 New Evidence on the Tsunami Source of the 11 September 1921 Java Earthquake H. Hidayanti, T. Yatimantoro [PDF]
T1.5-P30 Preliminary Study of the Static Coulomb Stress Analysis on Doublet Earthquake in Indian Ocean: Case Study of the West Coast of Sumatra Region Earthquake on 11 April 2012 J. Murjaya, A. Pria Sakti  
T1.5-P31 Radioactive Material in Chad M. Alhadj Mallah  
T1.5-P32 Seismicity in Bangladesh Using Local Seismic Station M. Islam  
T1.5-P34 Seismic Hazard Analysis and Isoseimal for Java, Bali and West of Nusa Tenggara J. Nugraha, G. Pasau, B. Sunardi, S. Widiyantoro  
T1.5-P35 Seismic Monitoring of the Namaqualand-Bushmanland Region: Developments H. Malephane, R. Durrheim, M. Andreoli  
T1.5-P36 Seismic Hazard Assessment of the Territory of Kyrgyz Republic K. Abdrakhmatov [jpg]
T1.5-P37 Seismological Network of Namibia M. Sitali, N. Titus, A. Johannes [jpg]
T1.5-P38 Some Peculiarities of Stress Field and Active Fault “Behaviour” Derived from Focal Mechanisms on the Territory of Armenia A. Tovmasyan  
T1.5-P39 Study of the M 2.7 Merbabu Earthquake on 17 February 2014: Is It a Volcano or Tectonic Activity? T. Yatimantoro, S. Dewi Anugrah, S. Rohadi [PDF]
T1.5-P40 Study on the 2004 Sumatra-Andaman Earthquake for Making Tsunami Inundation Maps in North-West Coasts of Peninsular Malaysia N. Shaari, N. Nurashid, S. Basri  
T1.5-P41 Study on Tsunami in Relation to Earthquakes M. Islam  
T1.5-P42 The Using of International Monitoring System Data for Early Warning of Geophysical Hazards O. Lyashchuk [jpg]
T1.5-P43 The Baleakanta Project: A Database of Hydroacoustic Signatures of Large Cetaceans: A Few Cases of Individual Animal Identification R. Le Bras, G. Bokelmann, V. Sucic, D. Malnar, J. Tary, R. Herrera [PDF]
T1.5-P44 The French Tsunami Warning Centre for the Mediterranean and North-East Atlantic: CENALT P. Roudil, F. Schindelé, P. Duperray, A. Gailler, H. Hébert, A. Loevenbruck, E. Gutierrez-Martinez, A. Monnier, N.Brachet [jpg]
T1.5-P45 The Magnitude of Completeness in Aswan Seismic Network Earthquakes Catalog, Egypt A. Shater  
T1.5-P46 The Numerical Tsunami Inundation Modelling in Ujung Kulon, Indonesia, for Potential Earthquake Mw 8.7 in South West of Sunda Strait T. Yatimantoro [PDF]
T1.5-P47 Transmission of Raw Waveform Data According to the Arrangements Between Tsunami Warning Centres and the CTBTO D. Roblin, M. Kalinowski [jpg]
T1.5-P48 Use of International Monitoring System Stations to Provide a New Representation of Kazakhstan Seismicity I. Aristova, N. Mikhailova, N. Poleshko, A. Mukambayev [PDF]
T1.5-P49 Variations in Gravitational Field, Tidal Force, and Earthquakes (Sheki-Greater Caucasus) F. Gadirov, L. Telesca, S. Mammedov, G. Babayev  
T1.5-P50 Why Did the 8.6 M Aceh Earthquake on 11 April 2012 Not Cause a Significant Tsunami and Casualties? W. Setyonegoro  

Number Title Author(s) File
T2.1 On-Site Inspection Integrated Field Exercise 2014 (IFE14)      
T2.1-P1 A Multiple Sample Holder for Ganging Samples During IFE14 A. Rizzo, L. Sannino, R. Lorenzelli, S. Salvi, C. Andreozzi, P. Parente, D. Mattioli, P. Bartolomei, F. Padoani  
T2.1-P2 An Analysis of Radionuclide Laboratory Operations in Future Integrated Field Exercises J. Friese, P. Thompson, A. Rizzo, J. Kastlander, A. Axelsson [PDF]
T2.1-P3 Capabilities of an On-Site Inspection H. Miley, D. Haas [PDF]
T2.1-P4 Challenge-Type Inspections: Continued Relevance in Multilateral Arms Control Regimes? (Doctoral Dissertation at the University of Vienna, 2014) H. Lampalzer [PDF]
T2.1-P5 Comparing In Situ Gamma Spectroscopy and Laboratory Assay of Environmental Particulate Samples: Lessons That Apply to Their Application in Integrated Field Exercise S. Kreek, N. Wimer, J. Swanson, D. Trombino, P. Torretto [PDF]
T2.1-P6 Design and Implementation of Buried Sources for the 2014 Integrated Field Exercise B. Milbrath, T. Bowyer, J. Mcintyre, C. Seifert, G. Brachet, M. Auer, H. Gohla, K. Awad, O. Natsheh, T. Al-Yazjeen, S.Kreek, A. Ringbom, M. Aldener [PDF]
T2.1-P7 Design and Operational Experience with an Aerial Gamma Radiation Survey System for On-Site Inspection J. Buckle, A. Rowlands, A. Fronka, M. Kettunen , X. Blanchard, S. Stavros [jpg]
T2.1-P8 Development and Implementation of Simulated Radionuclide Debris for the 2014 Integrated Field Exercise T. Bowyer [PDF]
T2.1-P9 Improving the Realism of Future Exercises and Training of Inspectors S. Kreek, M. Cunningham, B. Dunlop, T. Koncher, G. White [PDF]
T2.1-P10 On-Site Inspection Data Flow, Information Handling and Management During IFE14 P. Labak, M. Villagran-Herrera, G. Payer, A. Abushady, F. Kuang, G. MacLeod [jpg]
T2.1-P11 Operations Support Centre and International Data Centre Interactions During IFE14: Observations and Paths Forward A. Sussman, J. Carter, W. Hawkins, M. Krysta, G. MacLeod, M. Rozhkov, E. Schultz-Fellenz [PDF]
T2.1-P12 Performances and Lessons Learned with a Transportable Radionuclide Laboratory Deployed During the IFE14 X. Blanchard, A. Rizzo, J. Kastlander, P. Scivier, R. Britton, A. Gheddou [PDF]
T2.1-P13 Possible Challenges for On-Site InspectionTechnologies in Tropical Environments N. de Silva  
T2.1-P14 Power of Imagery G. MacLeod, A. Abushady [jpg]
T2.1-P15 SAUNA On-Site Inspection Noble Gas Equipment: System Design and Usage During IFE14 M. Aldener, A. Axelsson, K. Elmgren, T. Fritioff, J. Kastlander, B. Lundberg, L. Mårtensson, A. Mörtsell, A. Ringbom [PDF]
T2.1-P16 Smart Tag for the Chain of Custody of On-Site Inspection Samples A. Rizzo  
T2.1-P17 The 2014 Integrated Field Exercise: A Successful Platform to Advance On-Site Inspection Related Technologies under Field Conditions H. Lampalzer, S. Summers [PDF]
T2.1-P18 The Seismic Aftershock Monitoring System (SAMS) for On-Site Inspection: Experience from IFE14 N. Gestermann, B. Sick, M. Häge, T. Blake, P. Labak, M. Joswig [PDF]
T2.1-P19 Use of Airborne MSIR During IFE14: A Resident Observer’s Perspective J. Palmer [jpg]
T2.2 Treaty-Relevant Events      
T2.2-P1 A Summary Report of Atmospheric Transport Modelling and Radionuclide Analyses of the Common Exercise in the East Asia Regional National Data Centre Workshop 2014 C. Yonezawa, Y. Yamamoto, Y. Kijima, M. Kalinowski [PDF]
T2.2-P2 Accuracy Analysis of the CTBTO Nuclear Test Detection Scale and Improvement in the Korean Peninsula Y. Ryu  
T2.2-P3 An Atmospheric Release of La-140 to Simulate a Small-Scale Vent from an Underground Nuclear Explosion B. Milbrath, M. Keillor, L. Arrigo, J. Baciak, R. Detwiler, W. Kernan, R. Kirkham, M. MacDougal, J. Rishel, A. Seifert, C. Seifert, J. Smart, V. Chipman, D. Emer [PDF]
T2.2-P4 Application of the Local Seismic Observation Data for the Common Exercise in 2014 East Asia Regional National Data Centre Workshop T. Fujii, T. Otsu, M. Yagi, R. Jih, M. Kalinowski, I. Kang, H. Chi [PDF]
T2.2-P5 Atmospheric Transport Modelling Confining Possible Origin of East-Asian Radionuclide Detections in May 2010 J. Ross, M. Zähringer, C. Schlosser, L. Ceranna, C. Bönnemann [jpg]
T2.2-P6 Dating a Nuclear Event Based on Isotopic Ratios K. Yamba [PDF]
T2.2-P7 Detection of the 2006 Explosion in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea by Small-Aperture Array “Mikhnevo” Using Waveform Cross Correlation I. Kitov, I. Sanina, K. Nepeina [jpg]
T2.2-P8 Discriminating Travelling Ionospheric Disturbances (TIDs) from Underground Nuclear and Large Chemical Explosions Using Combined GPS and Low-Frequency Radio Interferometry Observations J. Park, D. Grejner-Brzezinska, R. Von Frese, J. Helmboldt, T. Wilson  
T2.2-P9 Discussion of a Claimed Explosion on 12 May 2010 in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea P. Richards, W. Kim, K. Koch, D. Schaff [PDF]
T2.2-P10 Improving the Ground Truth Locations of Soviet Peaceful Nuclear Explosions K. Mackey, K. Fujita [PDF]
T2.2-P11 Inverse Modelling Analysis of Xe-131m Measurements over East Asia in April 2013 R. Hofman, P. Seibert [PDF]
T2.2-P12 Inverse Modelling Analysis of the Radioxenon Detections in Takasaki in April 2013 as a Step Towards Data Fusion P. Seibert, R. Hofman, A. Philipp [PDF]
T2.2-P13 Measurement of Cs-137 and Xe-133 in Soil Samples of Douala M. Moyo Ndontchueng, A. Simo  
T2.2-P14 Open Seismic Data Supporting the Occurrence of an Event on 12 May 2010 in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea K. Koch, P. Richards, W. Kim, D. Schaff [jpg]
T2.2-P15 Registration of Event in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea on 12 February 2013 by Facilities of Main Centre of Special Monitoring (UANDC) L. Kolesnykov [PDF]
T2.2-P16 Rapid Nuclear Event Determination by Caesium-137, Strontium-90 and Plutonium Activity and Atomic Ratios A. Puzas, D. Baltrūnas, B. Lukšienė, R. Gvozdaitė, A. Gudelis, R. Druteikienė, R. Davidonis, Š. Buivydas, V. Remeikis [PDF]
T2.2-P17 Relocation of the M5.1 Earthquake in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea on 12 February 2013 Using Modified Joint Hypocentre Determination (MJHD) and Double Difference Algorithm D. Sianipar, I. Bunaga, A. Syahputra, H. Subakti, S. Supriyanto Rohadi [PDF]
T2.2-P18 Scanning and Digitizing of Historical Analogue Seismograms Recorded by Seismic Stations of Kyrgyzstan A. Berezina, J. Schweitzer, I. Sokolova, K. Abdrakhmatov, S. Mykkeltveit [PDF]
T2.2-P19 Seismological Investigation of the 2013 National Data Centre Preparedness Exercise N. Gestermann, G. Hartmann, J. Ross, L. Ceranna [PDF]
T2.2-P20 The Role of Infrasound Technology in Meteorite Detection: A Case Study in Sudan A. Eisawi, N. Babiker  
T2.2-P21 Waveform Analyses Presented at the “Common Exercise” During the 2014 East Asia Regional National Data Centre Workshop 2014 R. Jih, M. Kalinowski [PDF]
T2.2-P22 What Can We Learn About Noble Gas Signatures from Field Experiments and Modelling? C. Carrigan, Y. Sun, S. Hunter, J. Wagoner [PDF]
T2.2-P23 Research of the Main Characteristics for Three Explosion Events Based on Explosion Waves Z. Zheng, C. Hao [PDF]
T2.3 Seismoacoustic Sources      
T2.3-P1 Simulation of Point Explosion’s Seismic Energy by Means of the Frequency Spectrum of Body Waves N. Tsereteli, Z. Kereselidze [jpg]
T2.3-P2 A Rupture Process Study of the 28 March 2005 Nias Earthquake Using Joint Inversion Method of Teleseismic, Geodetic and Tsunami Data Set T. Yatimantoro, Y. Tanioka  
T2.3-P3 Acoustic Waves from Atmospheric Nuclear Explosions Recorded by Infrasound and Seismic Stations of Kazakhstan I. Sokolova [PDF]
T2.3-P4 Analysis of Events Recorded at Seismic and Infrasound Stations in International Data Centre Operations P. Bittner, P. Polich, J. Gore, S. Ali, T. Medinskaya, P. Mialle [PDF]
T2.3-P5 Broadband Hydro-Pressure Variations Recorded by DONET at Tsunamigenic Earthquakes H. Matsumoto, Y. Kaneda [jpg]
T2.3-P6 Characteristics of the Mw 7.1 Double Subduction Earthquake in Northern Moluccas, Indonesia, 15 November 2014 H. Hidayanti, T. Yatimantoro  
T2.3-P7 Earthquake Swarms in Greenland T. Larsen, P. Voss, T. Dahl-Jensen [jpg]
T2.3-P8 Explosion Source Calibration Using a Large Data Set from Neighbouring Quarries M. Yedlin, Y. Ben Horin, G. Margrave [PDF]
T2.3-P9 Growth and Attenuation of Seismic Noise Generated from a 12.0MW Wind Farm W. Edwards [PDF]
T2.3-P10 Identification and Analysis of Infrasound Signal from Earthquake in Romania Using Ukrainian National Data Centre Seismoacoustic Network on 22 November 2014 Y. Karyagin, L. Alexander [jpg]
T2.3-P11 Induced Seismicity Properties as a Tool to Discriminate Natural Earthquakes from Other Types A. Safepour, V. Gholami  
T2.3-P12 Joint Efforts of the Kazakhstan National Data Centre and Lamont-Doherty Observatory of Columbia University, USA, on Preserving the Archives of Historic Seismograms of Nuclear Explosions I. Sokolova, P. Richards, W. Kim [jpg]
T2.3-P13 Modelling of Earthquake Source Physics as a Tool of Most Real Method for Earthquake Modelling V. Gholami [jpg]
T2.3-P14 Moment-Tensor Calculation for the Vega, Colombia, Mw 7.2 Earthquake H. Poveda Nuñez  
T2.3-P15 Observation of a Series of Marine Explosions Through Seismic, Hydroacoustic and Infrasound Technologies D. Reymond, S. Bruno, O. Hyvernaud  
T2.3-P16 Study of Historic Seismograms of Nuclear Explosions from Novaya Zemlya Test Site by Data of the USSR Stations I. Sokolova, Y. Kopnichev [PDF]
T2.3-P17 Seismoacoustic Monitoring of Local Events D. Ghica, C. Ionescu, M. Popa [jpg]
T2.3-P18 Source Mechanism Analysis of the Mw 6.2 Earthquake in Central Aceh on 2 July 2013 Using Moment Tensor Inversion with Local Waveform Data A. Prasetyo  
T2.3-P19 Source-Time Function Scaling of Underground Nuclear Explosions E. Salter [jpg]
T2.3-P20 The Variety of Infrasound Sources Recorded by Kazakhstan Stations A. Smirnov, I. Sokolova, V. Dubrovin [PDF]
T2.4 Radiopharmaceutical Isotope Production      
T2.4-P1 Production of Molybdenum-99 in Argentina, Past, Present and Future E. Carranza [PDF]
T2.4-P2 Radioxenon Background in Africa A. Ouedraogo [PDF]
T2.4-P3 Capabilities of INVAP in Dose Calculation at Medical Isotope Production Facilities M. Alessi, L. Piola, M. Brizuela, J. Weigandt [jpg]
T2.4-P4 Field Measurement of Xe-133 at the Resolute Bay Station (RN15) M. Bean, I. Hoffman, K. Ungar  
T2.4-P5 Identification of Fission Products in Air Filter by Using Portable HPGe Spectrometry System for Rapid Prediction of Nuclear Exploration A. Mollah, A. Begum  
T2.4-P6 Improved Simulations of the Radioxenon Background Through Stack Monitoring Data M. Schoeppner [jpg]
T2.4-P7 Incorporating Radionuclide Stack Monitoring Data into the International Data Centre I. Cameron, T. Bowyer, J. Friese, L. Metz, C. Doll, J. Mcintyre [PDF]
T2.4-P8 Non-Traditional Radioxenon Isotope Measurements F. Klingberg, S. Biegalski [jpg]
T2.4-P9 Radixenon in Nigerian Research Reactor 1 (NiRR-1) O. Ake [jpg]
T2.4-P10 Radioxenon Monitoring in the Canadian Arctic in Resolute Bay Nunavut, at the Aerosol Monitoring Station RN15 I. Hoffman, M. Bean, R. Berg, R. Ungar [jpg]
T2.4-P11 Radioxenon Categorization Schemes Based on Statistical Parameters M. Schoeppner [jpg]
T2.4-P12 Source Term Estimation by Combination of Atmospheric Transport Modelling and Dose Rate Measurements C. Gueibe, J. Camps, M. Sonck, F. Menneson [PDF]
T2.4-P13 The Global Radioxenon Background: An Update A. Ringbom, J. Kastlander, A. Axelsson [PDF]
T2.4-P14 The Tunisian National Data Centre’s Results of the Data Fusion (Radionuclide and Seismic, Hydroacoustic and Infrasound) for the 2013 National Data Centre Preparedness Exercise I. Ben Ltaief Ép Amouri [jpg]

Number Title Author(s) File
T3.1 Design of Sensor Systems      
T3.1-P1 Carbon-13 Content as a Monitoring Tool for Subsurface Gas Sampling Methodology in an On-Site Inspection A. Rizzo, P. Bartolomei, C. Vaccaro, T. Chiara, F. Padoani  
T3.1-P2 A Field Calibration Method for Digitized Electro-Mechanical Seismometers D. Burk, D. Burk, K. Mackey, H. Hartse [PDF]
T3.1-P3 A Literature Review of Seismic Signal Detectors A. Atmani, E. Akhouayri, E. Ait Laasri, D. Agliz  
T3.1-P4 Achieving Lower Detection Limits with the Sage Well Detector for a Variety of Samples Relevant to On-Site Inspection A. Davies, R. Britton, A. Adekola, H. Jaderstrom [PDF]
T3.1-P5 Determination of Full Energy Peak Efficiency of HPGe for Volume Source by Monte Carlo P. Tayyebi, M. Haj Hidari, M. Safari, H. Afarideh, F. Abbasi [PDF]
T3.1-P6 Development of JISView: System to Determine Earthquake Parameters and Focal Mechanism J. Nugraha, J. Arifin  
T3.1-P7. Development of a Phoswich Detector for Radioxenon Field Measurements W. Hennig, A. Fallu-Labruyere, S. Asztalos, W. Warburton, A. Samie [PDF]
T3.1-P8 Development of a Mobile Noble Gas System for On-Site Inspections in Support of the CTBT with Direct Support from the European Commission J. Wieslander, K. Khrustalev [jpg]
T3.1-P9 Environmental Studies in Support of the International Monitoring System Hydroacoustic Installation HA04, Crozet Islands, France M. Zampolli, L. Pautet, J. Stanley, G. Haralabus [PDF]
T3.1-P10 Field Installation and Real-Time Data Processing of the New Integrated SeismoGeodetic System with Real-Time Acceleration and Displacement Measurements for Earthquake Characterization Based on High-Rate Seismic and GPS Data L. Zimakov, P. Passmore, M. Jackson, J. Raczka, S. Barrientos [PDF]
T3.1-P11 International Monitoring System Meteorological Data: Current Status and Improvement of Data Quality P. Martysevich, J. Marty, P. Polzer [PDF]
T3.1-P12 IRIS Activities in Seismic Network Technology Development and Evolution R. Woodward, A. Frassetto, R. Busby, K. Hafner, K. Anderson [PDF]
T3.1-P13 Improvement of Plastic Scintillator Energy Resolution for Xe-131m Conversion Electron Using Monte Carlo Simulation of Optical Photon H. Afarideh  
T3.1-P14 Improving Reliability of Radionuclide Samplers for the International Monitoring System L. Liu, S. Wu, C. Zhang, H. Tang, L. Chen, Y. Wu  
T3.1-P15 Modernization of the Yellowknife Seismic Array (PS09) W. Edwards [PDF]
T3.1-P16 Multi-Parameter Stations: Electric, Magnetic, Seismic, Radon Gas and GNSS Data Measurements, as a Comprehensive Method for Identifying the Anthropogenic Effect on Triggering Seismicity on the Central Region of Colombia J. Solano Fino, C. Vargas Jimenez, A. Caneva [jpg]
T3.1-P17 Network Monitoring Seismic and Volcanic OVSICORI-UNA COSTA H. Villalobos Villalobos [PDF]
T3.1-P18 New Beta–Gamma Coincidence System for Measurement of Radioxenon Isotopes Using Well-Type NaI(Tl) and Plastic Scintillator Detectors H. Afarideh, V. Doost Mohammadi [PDF]
T3.1-P19 New Optical Microbarometer S. Olivier, A. Hue, N. Olivier, S. Le Mallet [PDF]
T3.1-P20 Noble Gas Sampling and Field Laboratory for On-Site Inspections in Support of the CTBT J. Wieslander, K. Khrustalev [PDF]
T3.1-P21 Optimization of Beta–Gamma Detector Calibration for Xenon Detection M. Sabzian, V. Doost Mohammadi, H. Afarideh [PDF]
T3.1-P22 Pilot Interlaboratory Comparison Study B. Doury, S. Denis, F. Larsonnier, J. Marty, J. Merchant, G. Nief, R. Rembold, N. Symons, C. Talmadge, R. Waxler [PDF]
T3.1-P23 Pinedale Seismic Research Facilities Expanded Infrasound Capability C. Zeiler  
T3.1-P24 Re-Establishment of International Monitoring System Hydroacoustic Station HA03, Robinson Crusoe Island, Chile G. Haralabus, J. Stanley, M. Zampolli, L. Pautet [PDF]
T3.1-P25 SAUNA III Detector Studies A. Axelsson, T. Fritioff, A. Mörtsell, A. Ringbom [PDF]
T3.1-P26 SAUNA: Equipment for Low Level Measurement of Radioactive Xenon H. Berglund, U. Sundstrom [PDF]
T3.1-P27 Status and Development on the Calibration Programme B. Doury, S. Nikolova, J. Marty, A. Kramer, M. Charbit, M. Zampolli [jpg]
T3.1-P28 Status of Digital Infrasound Sensors Developed by the NCPA C. Talmadge [PDF]
T3.1-P29 Studies of Increased Air Collection Capability for SAUNA III M. Aldener, T. Fritioff, J. Kastlander, A. Ringbom [PDF]
T3.1-P30 The Japan Trench Earthquake and Tsunami Monitoring Network Project of Cable-Linked 150 Seafloor Observatories: The S-Net Project T. Kanazawa, K. Uehira, M. Mochizuki, T. Shinbo, S. Noguchi, H. Fujimoto [PDF]
T3.1-P31 Thermal-Image Monitoring System at El Reventador and Tungurahua Volcanoes, Ecuador F. Vásconez Albán, S. Vallejo, P. Ramón, C. Macías, P. Nazate, C. Ramos, W. Enríquez [jpg]
T3.1-P32 Upgrade of the Swedish Noble Gas Laboratory System T. Fritioff, M. Aldener, K. Elmgren, J. Kastlander, L. Mårtensson, A. Nilsson, O. Pettersson, A. Ringbom [jpg]
T3.1-P33 Wind Noise Reduction Systems in the International Monitoring System Infrasound Network A. Kramer, J. Marty [jpg]
T3.2 Advanced Sensor Technologies      
T3.2-P1 A Gamma-Gamma Coincidence System for Radionuclide Quantification R. Britton, A. Davies [PDF]
T3.2-P2 A Two-Element Coplanar CZT Detector for Radioxenon Measurements A. Farsoni, L. Ranjbar, E. Becker, C. Lee  
T3.2-P3 A Comparison of Gamma Spectrometers for Airborne Radiation Monitoring S. Bell, S. Judge, G. Lorusso, H. Phillips, P. Regan, R. Shearman [PDF]
T3.2-P4 A System for the Simultaneous and Continuous Measurement of Airborne Gamma J. Saez Vergara, N. Navarro Ortega, L. Yagüe Rodriguez, J. Marquez Fernández, G. Benito Díaz [PDF]
T3.2-P5 Acoustic-Seismic Coupling of Broadband Signals: Analysis of Potential Disturbances During CTBT On-Site Inspection Measurements M. Liebsch, J. Altmann [PDF]
T3.2-P6 An EMP-Based Method for Discriminating Between Nuclear and Chemical Explosions A. Lipshtat, J. Ashkenazy, A. Kesar, S. Pistinner [PDF]
T3.2-P7 Benefits Gained from the Use of a Silicon Beta Detector and Potential Cell Designs M. Foxe, I. Cameron, J. Hayes, J. Mcintyre [PDF]
T3.2-P8 Considerations on the Application of Preparative Chromatograph in the On-Site InspectionRadioxenon Processing System G. Zhou, C. Zhou [PDF]
T3.2-P9 Cosmic Muon Veto Project Update K. Khrustalev, B. Nadalut [PDF]
T3.2-P10 Detection of Thermal Signatures as a Function of Transferred Heat and Weather Conditions K. Szalay, J. Deakvari, A. Rowlands [PDF]
T3.2-P11 Developing a Easily Deployable Airborne MSIR Suite for On-Site Inspections J. Palmer [jpg]
T3.2-P12 Enhanced Search Methods for Finding and Identifying Radioactive Material for On-Site Inspection Deployment T. Köble, R. Wolfgang, M. Risse, B. Wolfram, S. Olaf, H. Kronholz [PDF]
T3.2-P13 High Resolution Electron-Photon Detection System: A Major Breakthrough for Fission Product Analysis G. Le Petit, A. Cagniant, P. Gross, G. Douysset, S. Topin, J. Fontaine [PDF]
T3.2-P14 LaBr Online Filter Monitoring System: Testing Results and Future Projects K. Khrustalev, E. Wieslander [PDF]
T3.2-P15 Monitoring of Environmental Radioactivity at the Trace Level Using the New Gamma3 Spectrometer G. Douysset, A. Cagniant, P. Gross, J. Fontaine, G. Le Petit, O. Delaune  
T3.2-P16 Noble Gas Adsorption on Silver Doped Zeolite: A Major Breakthrough for Noble Gas Processing S. Topin, L. Deliere, C. Greau, D. Farruseng, B. Coasne, G. Douysset [jpg]
T3.2-P17 Non-Typical Using of Portable Field Gamma Spectrometer for Radon Concentration Measurement I. Kachalin, A. Kasymyrov [jpg]
T3.2-P18 Optimizing AirborneSensor Configuration for an On-Site Inspection A. Rowlands, G. Malich [PDF]
T3.2-P19 SiPIN Efficiency Calibration Validation and Direct Measurement Comparison with an HPGe Detector K. Khrustalev, E. Wieslander [PDF]
T3.2-P20 Spatial Deconvolution of Aerial Radiometric Survey Results L. Sinclair, R. Fortin, H. Seywerd, J. Buckle [PDF]
T3.2-P21 Use of Satellite Remote Sensing Imagery forCTBT Verification E. Bedini [jpg]
T3.2-P22 Xenon Inter-Comparison Exercises with Traceable Activity Concentration Standards H. Gohla, R. Hague, M. Lechermann [PDF]
T3.3 Data Procesing and Interpretation      
T3.3-P1 A General Data Converter of Seismic Data, Saving Huge Amount Time of Seismologists Z. Rasouli  
T3.3-P2 ANGLE 4: A New Version of Quantitative Gamma-Spectrometry Software Suitable for International Monitoring System Radionuclide Stations and Supporting Laboratories S. Jovanovic  
T3.3-P3 An Approach for Seismic Detection with Model-Based Array Waveform Correlators D. Harris [PDF]
T3.3-P4 Application of a Wavelet Transform as Pre-Filtration Unit for Strong Noisy Seismic Records V. Gravirov, K. Kislov, L. Gravirova [PDF]
T3.3-P5 Application of the Framework for Detection Software Evaluation M. Charbit, P. Mialle [jpg]
T3.3-P6 Could the International Monitoring System Infrasound Stations Support a Global Network of Small Aperture Seismic Arrays? S. Gibbons, T. Kværna, S. Mykkeltveit [PDF]
T3.3-P7 Data Processing in Ukrainian National Data Centre L. Kolesnykov [PDF]
T3.3-P8 DataScale Project: Seismic Event Location Using Waveform Correlation Techniques at Global Scale A. Dupont [jpg]
T3.3-P9 Enhanced Capabilities of Custom GIS Solution for CTBT On-Site Inspection Application A. Abushady, M. Prah [PDF]
T3.3-P10 Expert Technical Analysis Procedures at the International Data Centre M. Rozhkov, D. Bobrov, I. Kitov, P. Friberg, J. Stachnik [jpg]
T3.3-P11 Extended NDC-in-a-Box(EU/CTBTO Joint Action V) Data Model: Integrated Data Acquisition, Processing and Analysis Platform for National Data Centres J. Becker, Y. Ben Horin, S. Bournaud, N. Brachet, D. Brown, Y. Cano, L. Ceranna, R. Dale, W. Hanka, T. Héritier, M. Kalinowski, V. Miljanovic, R. Phiri, R. Sefi, Z. Shemesh, G. Tikochinsky, E. Tomuta, B. Weber [jpg]
T3.3-P12 Hierarchical Prior for Source Term Determination and Its Variational Bayes Estimation R. Hofman, V. Šmídl, O. Tichý [PDF]
T3.3-P13 International Data Centre Infrasound Pipeline Initiative for Technology Development P. Mialle, R. Le Bras, A. Sudakov, C. Fernando [jpg]
T3.3-P14 IDCDACS: The International Data Centre’s Distributed Application Control System Ported to Open Technologies M. Ertl, A. Boresch, J. Kianička, A. Sudakov, E. Tomuta [PDF]
T3.3-P15 Improvement of the Array Processing System at the Kazakhstan National Data Centre D. Gordiyenko, J. Schweitzer, S. Gibbons [jpg]
T3.3-P16 Improved Bulletin Generation Using an Iterative Processing Framework S. Ballard, A. Encarnacao, S. Heck, M. Slinkard, T. Draelos, E. Chael, C. Young [PDF]
T3.3-P17 Improved Detection and Parameter Estimation for Regional S-Phases Using the Fully 3-Component ARCES Array S. Gibbons, J. Schweitzer, M. Roth , T. Kværna [PDF]
T3.3-P18. Is More Less in Signal Detection? N. Selby [PDF]
T3.3-P19 Joint Hypocentre Determination Along the Gulf of Aqaba by Using Seismic Stations in Egypt and Saudi Arabia A. Shater  
T3.3-P20 Melcepstral Coefficients Used as Input to a Neural Network for Identification of an Expanded Set of Atmospheric Nuclear Explosions and Bolides R. Kemerait, D. Clauter [jpg]
T3.3-P21 Model Visualization for NET-VISA H. Kuzma, N. Arora [PDF]
T3.3-P22 Modelling and Detection of Regional Depth Phases at the GERESS Array M. Apoloner, G. Bokelmann [jpg]
T3.3-P23 On Refinements Which Could Be Integrated into the Data Fusion Process M. Krysta, J. Carter [jpg]
T3.3-P24 On Use of Artificial Neural Networks as a Classifier of Strong Noisy Seismic Signals K. Kislov, V. Gravirov  
T3.3-P25 Polarity Identification Techniques and Quality of the First Impulse of P Wave and Digital Signal Processing in JISView Earthquake Monitoring System J. Nugraha, J. Arifin  
T3.3-P26 PSAR: Experiments with a Medium-Sized Full 3-Component Seismic Array M. de Kool [jpg]
T3.3-P27 Rapid Search of Large Seismic Signal Archives C. Young, W. Jonathan, S. Ronald, S. Megan [PDF]
T3.3-P28 Recovery of Seismic Events with Blind Source Separation M. Rozhkov, I. Kitov [jpg]
T3.3-P29 Reducing Analyst Burden Using Real Time Event Cross Correlation W. Junek, J. Wehlen Iii, T. Vandemark, B. Pope, T. Saults, S. Motlagh, R. Kemerait, A. Poffenberger, M. Woods [jpg]
T3.3-P30 Regional Seismic Monitoring Using 3-C array I. Kitov, I. Sanina, S. Volosov [jpg]
T3.3-P31 Registration of Regional and Local Seismic Activity on Seismic Station PS44, GEYT, Turkmenistan: Appraisal of Station Capabilities and Perspectives for Seismic Network Development in Turkmenistan K. Kurbanov  
T3.3-P32 Seismic Event Detection by Correlation at Stations in the Middle East R. Gok, D. Doudge, R. Mellors, F. Al-Jerri, A. Al-Enezi, A. Al-Amri [PDF]
T3.3-P33 Seismic Event Discrimination Using Diffusion Maps Y. Bregman, N. Rabin, Y. Ben Horin, I. Lev [PDF]
T3.3-P34 Testing the Global Grid of Master Events for Waveform Cross Correlation with the Reviewed Event Bulletin I. Kitov, D. Bobrov, M. Rozhkov [jpg]
T3.3-P35 The Integrated Waveform QC Library D. Brown, E. Peiszer, E. Tomuta, J. Given [jpg]
T3.3-P36 The Waveform Analyst Workload Paradox R. Pearce [PDF]
T3.3-P37 Trends in Waveform Data Processing and Analysis at the International Data Centre January 2000 to June 2013 R. Pearce [PDF]
T3.3-P38 Waveform Correlation Effectiveness During High Analyst Workload Sequences M. Slinkard, S. Heck, N. Bonal, D. Daily, C. Young [PDF]
T3.3-P39 iLoc: New Developments on the ISC Locator I. Bondar [PDF]
T3.4 Developments in Seismology for OSI      
T3.4-P1 FSUE VNIIA Activities Related to CTBT Technologies G. Zasimov, K. Danilenko, V. Firsov, Y. Khokhlov, Y. Kraev, S. Gordon, A.Popov, M. Chernov, Y. Dubasov, L. Kremenetskaya [jpg]
T3.4-P2 High-Resolution, Ultra Low Power, Intergrated Aftershock and Site Characterization System L. Zimakov, P. Passmore, J. Raczka [PDF]
T3.4-P3 Results of Seismic Study on the Upper Part of the Section at Semipalatinsk Test Site Area (for On-Site Inspection Purposes) A. Belyashov, V. Suvorov, E. Melnik [PDF]

Number Title Author(s) File
T4.1 System Network Performance      
T4.1-P1 “Hot Sample” Transport Exercise: Radiation Safety Aspects and Quality of Analytical Results E. Duran, O. Aviv, A. Davies, L. Greenwood, S. Klemola, T. Schroettner, J. Turunen [PDF]
T4.1-P2 A Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (FMEA) of the International Monitoring System Radionuclide Station Network for the Years 2013 and 2014 B. Wernsperger, M. Auer, T. Juurlink [PDF]
T4.1-P3 Applying CTBTO Capacity Building Training Gained to Strengthen Local Verification Capacity in Ghana E. Amartey [PDF]
T4.1-P4 Boundary Layer Characteristics Associated with Proposed Monitoring Sites for Regional Suspected Particulates in and Around the Kathmandu Valley, Nepal S. Shrestha, S. Maharjan, R. Regmi  
T4.1-P5 Challenges in Operation of Radionuclide Monitoring Station, Tanzania Y. Sungita, G. Mboya, T. Matayan, S. Mdoe  
T4.1-P6 Comparison of Access to Data and Products for Different Types of Designated Establishments under Secure Signatory Accounts R. Phiri, M. Kalinowski, D. Roblin, M. Villagran-Herrera [PDF]
T4.1-P7 Developing a Recording System to Establish Inexpensive Telemetric Earthquake Networks on the Basis of GPRS Technology V. Gholami, A. Safepour [jpg]
T4.1-P8 Developing New Waveform-Fetching Schemes for the CTBTO Link to the International Seismological Centre Database Services K. Lentas, J. Harris, D. Storchak [PDF]
T4.1-P9 Development of the Continuous Automated Testing System at the International Data Centre: AStatus Report I. Dricker, A. Cooke, D. Brown, H. Edlund, E. Tomuta [jpg]
T4.1-P10 Evaluation of the CTBT Seismic Monitoring System Performance in the Middle East Region Y. Ben Horin, Y. Bregman [PDF]
T4.1-P11 Increase in Volume of Data and Products Retrieved by National Data Centres from the International Data Centre over the Decade 2005–2014 R. Phiri, M. Kalinowski, D. Roblin, M. Villagran-Herrera [PDF]
T4.1-P12 International Training Centre in Support of the CTBTO for the Central Asia Countries N. Mikhailova, J. Schweitzer, I. Aristova, S. Mykkeltveit [PDF]
T4.1-P13 onitoring of Radionuclides in Aerosols: Different Approaches and Optimization B. Vilimaite Silobritiene  
T4.1-P14 National Data Centre Suriname M. Amierali [PDF]
T4.1-P15 Operationalization of All International Monitoring System Stations A. Kiavash  
T4.1-P16 Overall Effect of Capacity Building Programme on National Data Centre Access to Data and Products R. Phiri, M. Kalinowski, D. Roblin, M. Villagran-Herrera , M. Kabore, L. Terzi, M. Fisseha, L. Seydi, J. Phoa-Sun [PDF]
T4.1-P17 Performance of the Primary Seismic Array Stations of the International Monitoring System Network for the Year 2014 (Part I): An Analyst’s Perspective F. Kebede, E. Jonathan [PDF]
T4.1-P18 Preliminary Study of the International Monitoring System Seismic Station Characteristics Using Spectral Analysis Method in Indonesia B. Wibowo, N. Heryandoko, S. Rohadi [PDF]
T4.1-P19 Project of the Construction of New National Data Centre of Bangui as a Contribution to Verification Process for the CTBT in the Central African Republic M. Nambobona  
T4.1-P20 Quality Assessment of the Reviewed Event Bulletin: The Next Five Years K. Koch [jpg]
T4.1-P21 Recent Advances in Signals Characterization Using Data from Nigerian Network of Seismic Stations U. Kadiri Afegbua, D. Duncan, F. Ezomo [jpg]
T4.1-P22 Reconstruction of Weather Situations and Aerosol Transport over the Himalayan Complex Terrain R. Regmi, S. Maharjan [PDF]
T4.1-P23 Strategic Importance of the Involvement of the Academia in the Implementation of the CTBTO Programmes in West Africa A. Bisallah, U. Madu  
T4.1-P24 The Application of International Monitoring System Data and International Data Centre Products at the Malaysian National Data Centre F. Abdul Rashid [PDF]
T4.1-P25 The Current Status of the Global Seismographic Network K. Hafner, P. Davis, D. Wilson, K. Anderson, B. Woodward [PDF]
T4.1-P26 The All Three-Component Broadband Seismic Array ARCES/PS28 M. Roth, J. Fyen, T. Kværna, S. Gibbons [PDF]
T4.1-P27 The Application of Local Seismic Networks as National Technical Means V. Gholami, A. Safepour [jpg]
T4.1-P28 The Optimization of the Seismic Monitoring System of the Republic of Belarus A. Aronov, R. Seroglazov, T. Aronova, V. Kolkovsky, U. Aronau [PDF]
T4.1-P29 Understanding the Amplitudes of Seismic Signals and Station Noise M. Pasyanos, W. Walter, E. Matzel [PDF]
T4.1-P30 Use of Data and Products: Experiences Gained from the CTBTO Capacity Building Activities U. Madu, A. Bisallah, R. Araba Sam [PDF]
T4.1-P31 Improving CTBTO Monitoring Capabilities: The Italian Proposal for a Cooperating National Facility D. Pesaresi [PDF]
T4.3 Logistics and Life Cycle Management      
T4.3-P1 Life Cycle Management at I32KE J. Opiyo [PDF]
T4.3-P2 Maintaining the Mission Capability of Primary International Monitoring System Station in Crisis Period, Through the Use of Rationalization Inventions on Example of PS45 (AKASG), Ukraine O. Piontkovskyi  
T4.3-P3 Modern Seismological Monitoring System as a “Big Science” Engineering Z. Wu [PDF]
T4.3-P4 Performance Optimization of Stations PS36 and IS44, Kamchatka I. Pitetskiy  
T4.3-P5 Preventative Maintenance for Sustaining the International Monitoring System N. Mascarenhas, S. Bazarragcha, G. Beziat, N. Brely, M. Galindo Arraz, W. Hamani, C. Johannsen, O. Kilgour, W.Mohammad, J. Pereira, J. Pretorius, S. Stafanova [PDF]
T4.3-P6 Sparing and Life Cycle Modelling: Sustaining the International Monitoring System Network P. Benicsak, N. Brely, D. Foster [PDF]

Academic Forum
Number Title Author(s) File
AF-P1 Citizenship in the Nuclear Age: Incorporating Role -Playing as a Tool for Student Learning and Engagement L. Reed [jpg]
AF-P2 The CTBT: Political, Legal and Technical Aspects T. Nazir [jpg]
AF-P3 Contemporary International Law Revisited Through Examining the CTBT M. Ishizuka [jpg]
AF-P4 The CTBT as a Teaching Tool on International Relations Classes L. Dallas [jpg]
AF-P5 CTBT Education at the Ural Federal University E. Mikhaylenko [jpg]
AF-P6 CTBT Education in Kazakhstan: Overview and Plans D. Aben [jpg]
AF-P7 CTBTO Infrasound Science and Technology for Education in Iran A. Pourmohammad  
AF-P8 CTBT- Related Topics at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies F. Dalnoki -Veress [jpg]
AF-P9 CTBT- Related Topics at the School of International Relations of Beijing Language and Culture University H. Liu [jpg]
AF-P10 Experience of Teaching CTBT Relevant Courses in Botswana R. Simon [jpg]
AF-P11 Integrating CTBT Education into “China Trade and Security Policy” Course F. Wu [jpg]
AF-P12 Integrating CTBT -Related Topics in Academic Curricula at St. Petersburg State University A. Malygina [jpg]
AF-P13 Living with Nuclear Weapons? Focusing on the Nexus of Science and Politics H. Afarideh [jpg]
AF-P14 Nuclear Disarmament and CTBT Education in Nagasaki University S. Hirose [jpg]
AF-P15 Nuclear Security Education – Bulgarian Experience D. Dimitrov [jpg]
AF-P16 Prosp ects and Challenges Associated with Integrating CTBT Academic Curricula in the University of Benin U. Kadiri, F. Ezomo [jpg]
AF-P17 Seismology in Schools Programme in Ireland T. Blake [jpg]
AF-P18 Strengthening Nuclear Science and Education: Application of Advanced CTBT Monitoring and Verification Technologies for Education S. Mdoe, Y. Sungita- Mdoe [jpg]
AF-P19 Strengthening the CTBTO Through the #BanTheBomb Campaign B. Taylor, H. Gendron, S. Cooper [jpg]
AF-P20 Teaching Engineering Ethics with
C. Vargas Elizondo [jpg]
AF-P21 Teaching the CTBT: An Example Class Exercise G. Moore [jpg]
AF-P22 The Challenge of Integrating CTBTO Verification Technologies in Geophysics Lectures E. Castillo [jpg]
AF-P23 The Integrated Field Exercise as Case Study for High -Fidelity Joint Team Training in Multilateral Complex Sociotechnical Systems R. Peldszus [jpg]
AF-P24 The Role of the CTBTO in Non- Proliferation Treaty Teaching Activities in Ukraine P. Sinovets [jpg]
AF-P25 Workshop on Global Nuclear Politics and Strategy R. Neog [jpg]