Theme 3: Advances in Sensors, Networks and Processing

Field test of the OSI multispectral imaging including Infrared system (development supported by the EU) in Hungary (2012) for usage during the Integrated Field Exercise in Jordan in 2014.
Screenshot of software used for airborne gamma spectroscopy.

The methods allowed for an on-site-inspection may cover areas of up to 1,000 square kilometres for specific sites of interest. The methods used must be capable of detecting observables related to an event that triggered the on-site inspection, especially those related to a nuclear test, if any. These can include observables which could be detected by multispectral imaging techniques, infrared imaging techniques, shallow and low intensity aftershocks, geophysical anomalies from several metres to several hundred metres in depth or radioisotope traces emanating from the surface, and other relevant features.

This Theme focuses on advances in sensors, networks and data processing for monitoring and inspection. Advances may come from the adaptation and fusion of methods already in use by specialists in other areas, such as satellite photography, or from the evolution of novel approaches within the CTBT scientific community that may spin off to other techniques.


  • T3.1 Design of Sensor Systems
    Sensor robustness, calibration, sensitivity and accuracy; sensor pre-processing; ocean observation systems; systems for detecting subsurface noble gases; multi-purpose sensors; self-calibrating sensors; design of sensor networks including global Earth observation systems 

  • T3.2 Advanced Sensor Technologies
    Application of novel sensor technologies to CTBT verification; airborne and satellite-based remote sensing including LIDAR, multispectral imaging and infrared imaging; gamma radiation mapping 

  • T3.3 Data Processing and Interpretation
    Developments in data processing for verification applications; processing and analysis of large datasets; fusion of data from different technologies; integrated interpretation of diverse datasets; integration of OSI data with GIS databases

  • T3.4 Developments in Seismology for On-Site Inspection
    Passive seismic monitoring; active seismic surveying; resonance seismometry