Theme 4: Performance Optimization

National Data Centre capacity building training course, 7 to 22 May 2012, Vienna, Austria.
The CTBTO's radionuclide station RN73 Palmer Station in Antarctica.

The operation and sustainment of a globally distributed network of sensors poses substantial challenges in the fields of logistics and life-cycle management. Near-real-time acquisition and forwarding of continuous and segmented data from the global International Monitoring System, and its subsequent processing and analysis at the CTBTO’s International Data Centre also pose great challenges. Strict specifications for data availability, quality and timeliness must be achieved and sustained, while the results of processing and analysis pose further issues of quality and timeliness. Special demands are placed upon the handling of OSI data, which will be governed by many requirements outlined in the Treaty and the OSI Operational Manual. Each National Data Centre will have its own focus and accompanying procedures. Of special interest is the integration of IMS data and Treaty monitoring into national operations and procedures.

The optimization of performance has many facets, and contributions are invited on any subject that impinges on the efficiency, quality, timeliness, reliability and cost-effectiveness of the verification process.


  • T4.1 System Network Performance
    Measuring, monitoring and maintaining performance of monitoring networks including the IMS; data availability; redundancy of observations; sensitivity threshold monitoring

  • T4.2 Information Technology Trends and Future Developments
    Data Centre Technologies for processing, storage and distribution; portable data and information flow systems; international data sharing; novel platforms, formats and protocols

  • T4.3 Logistics and Lifecycle Management
    Process management; resource planning; inter-modal rapid deployment; network sustainment;  integrated logistics for verification-related activities