Director, Joint Research Centre Directorate G for Nuclear Safety and Security, Germany

Maria Betti is since 2015, the Director of the JRC (Joint Research Centre), Director G for Nuclear Safety & Security in Karlsruhe, Germany, which is part of the European Commission and formerly known as the Institute for Transuranium Elements (ITU). She holds a PhD in Chemistry from the University of Pisa, Italy and for almost 20 years led the Analytical and Environment Section of the JRC-ITU.

Changing her focus to the detection of radionuclides in the environment was the defining moment of her career. Since then, she has monitored the clean-up of nuclear accidents as well as analysed samples collected during United Nations inspections. Dr. Betti’s laboratory was the first civil installation in the world to use mass spectrometry in the analysis of radioactive micro particles, one of the tools used today to detect undeclared nuclear activities.

In August 2008, she assumed the directorship of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Marine Environment Laboratories in Monaco. In January 2010, she became responsible for the entire Environment Programme of the IAEA. She was appointed Director of the European Commission’s JRC - Institute for Environment and Sustainability in Ispra, Italy in October 2012. Maria Betti has published more than 200 scientific articles related to environmental chemistry and protection and has worked in several laboratories in Europe and the U.S.A.  She was honoured to be awarded the Ordre de Saint Charles (Principality of Monaco) in November 2016.

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