Atmospheric Transport Modelling/Posters

Atmospheric Transport Modelling/Posters

ATM-02/E:  High resolution atmospheric transport modelling to support source location estimates. (D. Arnold, A.Vargas and P. Seibert)

ATM-03/E: On the PTS in-house capacity building in atmospheric transport modelling during the past decade with an outlook on scheduled improvements in support of the noble gas verification regime. (Andreas Becker and Gerhard Wotawa)

ATM-04/E: Application of BMA approach to multi-model atmospheric dispersion ensemble system for emergency response (S. Galmarini and S. Potempski)

ATM-05/E: Comparison of EPS-based ensemble of atmospheric dispersion predictions and multi model performannce (S. Galmarini, etal)

ATM-06/E: Review of the Methodology Used for Global Backtracking of Anthropogenic Radionuclides (Arnico Panday)

ATM-07/E: The WMO/CTBTO “atmospheric backtracking response system” implementation at ZAMG (P. Skomorowski and U. Pechinger)

ATM-08/E: Current issues in atmospheric transport modelling and source location for the CTBT verification (Petra Seibert)

ATM-09/E: The operational CTBTO-WMO Atmospheric Backtracking Response system for CTBT Verification-Status and plans (G. Wotawa and A. Becker)

ATM-10/E: A refined backtracking and source reconstruction for the noble gas measurements taken in the aftermath of the announced October 2006 event in North Korea (Andreas Becker, etal)

ATM-11/A: Atmospheric transport of natural radionuclides simulated in tropical regions by a General Circulation Model (Heinrich P. , etal) - photo of poster

ATM-12/E: Construction of Radioxenon Artificial Data Set for the 2008 IEEE International Conference on Data Mining (Kurt Ungar, etal) - photo of poster

ATM-14/E: North Korean Nuclear Test of October 9th 2006: The Utilization of Health Canada's Radionuclide Monitoring and Environment Canada's Atmospheric transport Modelling - photo of poster (T.J. Stocki, R. Kurt Ungar, etal) - photo of poster

ATM-15.1/E: Changes in radioxenon observations in Canada and Europe during medical isotope production facility shut downs in 2008 (Main Page) (R. Kurt Ungar, etal)

ATM-15.2/E: Changes in radioxenon observations in Canada and Europe during medical isotope production facility shut downs in 2008 (Annex)

ATM-16/E: Global distribution of the Radioxenon Background caused by known civilian emissions and its consequences for CTBT verification (G. Wotawa, A. Becker, etal)