Data Mining/Posters

Data Mining/Posters

DM-01/A: Strategic Initiative in Support of CTBT Data Processing: vDEC (virtual Data Exploitation Centre) (Sheila Vaidya, etal)

DM-02/A:  Machine Learning for Improved Automated Seismic Event Extraction (Ariel Kleiner, etal)

DM-03/A:  Support Vector Regression for phase arrival prediction and SEL3 event evaluation (Heidi Anderson Kuzma, etal)

DM-04/A:  Generative Graphical Models for Classification of Seismic Signals (Ohrnberger, Riggelsen, Scherbaum)

DM-05/A:  Supervised Classification for Improving Automatic Labeling of Phase and Identifying False Associations (Jeff Schneider)

DM-06/A:  Kernel-based machine learning techniques for hydroacoustic signal classification (Matthias Tuma and Christian Igel)

DM-07/A:  Applying machine learning methods to improve efficiency and effectiveness of the idc automatic event detection system (Michael J. Procopio, Christopher J. Young, and John H. Gauthier)

DM-08/A: Vertically Integrated Seismological Analysis I: Modeling (Nimar S. Arora, Michael I. Jordan, Stuart Russell, and Erik B. Sudderth)

DM-09/A:  Vertically Integrated Seismological Analysis II: Inference (Nimar S. Arora, Stuart Russell, and Erik B. Sudderth)

DM-10/A: Can the use of prior information improve signal detection? (Neil Selby and David Bowers)

DM-11/A:  Physics-based data mining for seismic bulletins (Stephen C. Myers and Gardar Johannesson)

DM-12/A:  Exploiting the skills of waveform data analysts in the quest for improved automatic processing (Robert G Pearce, etal)

DM-13/A:  Data mining from Antelope at OGS-CRS (Udine, Italy) (Damiano Pesaresi, etal)

DM-14/A:  How to help seismic analysts to verify the French seismic bulletin? (Pierre Gaillard, etal)

DM-15/A:  Swedish-Finnish Infrasound Network – The Research Program (Ludwik Liszka)

DM-16/A:  Seismic search engine (Yang Liu)

DM-17/A:  Ranking Methods of Classifying Radioxenon observations using Machine learning for the Comprehensive Nucler-Test-Ban Treaty (R. Kurt Ungar, etal)